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young orgasms Saturdays were spent catching up on chores around the house. Now that spring had come, those chores included yard work. This particular Saturday wasn’t too hot, but sunny, not a rain cloud in sight, so Jason mowed the yard and trimmed the hedges. Danielle did some cleaning in the house and then left to run errands.

As he tackled the weed growth alongside young orgasms the house, he heard a car rumbling up the driveway. He turned off his weed whacker and propped it against the house.

The car that greeted him in the driveway wasn’t their sensible, compact economy car, but a big, ancient four door 57 Chevy Bel Air. The car, painted robin’s egg blue, wasn’t in the best condition. There was a lot of rust on the frame and the chrome was dull. The engine didn’t sound great either, and the exhaust was loud. As he crossed the yard, he saw Danielle sitting behind the wheel. He bent down next to the open passenger side window and looked in.

“What’s this?” he asked, shouting over the noise.

young orgasms She shut off the car and smiled at him, her arm draped over the big blue steering wheel. Jason took in her outfit–a low-cut halter top and a short, gauzy white skirt. She didn’t usually dress so sexy to grab groceries.

“It’s Daddy’s new car,” she said. “I stopped by to say hi and he let me take it out.”

Danielle’s father bought and restored classic cars, his ‘retirement hobby’ as he called it. Some he resold, a few he kept.

“Guess he hasn’t started working on this one yet, huh?” Jason ran his hand over the window frame.

“The interior is nice, though.” Danielle smoothed her fingers over the front young orgasms leather bench seat. The seat was blue like the rest of the car, with tan stripes. The leather still looked good, but it needed patched in a few places.

“I’m surprised he let you take it out,” Jason said, sticking his head further inside to look around. “I guess it can’t get too much more roughed up, can it?”

“I begged him. I gave him the pouty look. You wanna go for a ride?”

Jason drew back through the window and eyed her. He had on a white tank top, stained with sweat, his strong, thickly-muscled arms on young orgasms display. Danielle wanted to lick him. She hadn’t missed him eyeing up her outfit, either.

“Yeah, sure,” he said. “Let me just throw on a t-shirt and lock up the house.”

Danielle waited in the car, nearly wiggling with anticipation. young orgasms She’d told her dad she’d be back in an hour, after explaining she wanted to show the car to Jason. Time was ticking.

young orgasms Jason returned to the car, now in a white t-shirt, his tight jeans riding low. She could still smell the sweat on him as he slid into the car; her favorite scent, all manly and raw. She slipped her young orgasms sunglasses on and smiled to herself as she started the car back up.

Date: February 27, 2022