X Cuts – Teen Asians 03 – scene 4 hard cook fucking


X Cuts “Fucking hell man.” Said Wayne.

Then he approvingly raised his glass then swigged again, I moved slightly and Deborah shook again, Trishna told me to pull out so I did and Deborah curled herself into a foetal position, X Cuts panting hard and being comforted by Trishna. I spooned her from behind and she melted backwards into my body, her skin felt hot and she was sensitive to touch, I then wrapped my arm around her and when it brushed against her breast she X Cuts sunk into me more.

Trishna looked at me and said,

“Wow, that was fucking hot, I’ll finish you off.” She said excitedly.

Deborah who finally came back to her senses said,

X Cuts “I need a drink.” As she looked over at Wayne.

She then staggered to her feet and walked over to Wayne who was now sat in a chair, Trishna removed my condom and sat down on my cock and began to ride me slowly, the mood was different, strange even, the height of the sexual chemistry I was having with Deborah was all but gone and I was fucking with only a fraction of the intensity X Cuts I had moments before.

I was distracted but didn’t want to disappoint so I scooted down to the edge of the bed and lifted Trishna into the air giving her a good hard fuck just the way she likes it when she is feeling really horny which I knew she was due to her excitement level. We fucked for our audience X Cuts and our bodies clapped together loudly as we carried on uninhibitedly, I turned and released her onto the bed, rolled her onto her side and continued to fuck her with hard deep pounding actions. I could feel myself building up to a finish so as it drew near I warned her, she begged me to cum inside her so few thrusts later I was spent, I held myself as deeply as I could get and emptied my semen into her eager pussy. Trishna tried to reach back and grab hold of my leg to grind against my cock while I came, but she started cumming too and then she lay and twitched on the spot before flopping her arms down, and breathing deeply against the bed X Cuts where I flopped down to join her.

Wayne offered me a drink immediately joking,

Date: October 22, 2021