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Teen Latoya Now this particular Friday was the end of my first week at the local dental clinic and I said goodbye to my new coworkers . I stopped off at the grocery store and bought a few things we needed for the weekend and headed for home , anxious for an exciting weekend with my Goddess. I loved where Her house was located , the 14 Teen Latoya minute drive from the clinic back home was just far enough to be remote while not being so far that driving into town was a real hassle if we needed anything . It also was just far enough for me to get into my sub mindset after a day at work and be ready to serve when I got home. Teen Latoya


I pulled into the front yard a little after five thirty and grabbed the groceries from the back seat , heading towards the large house which I was slowly coming to think of as my home and turned the doorknob , I knew Teen Latoya it would not be locked as Goddess had the day off .


 In the entryway I immediately stripped off my clothes and put on what Goddess had set out for me to wear , a pair of black cotton panties and a plain blue t shirt and added the pink collar Goddess had given me , written in silver capital letters on it “PIGGY ELANA” one word on either side of my neck and also adorned with a steel hook on the front . A Teen Latoya nose hook pulled my nose back to give it that adorable piggy girl look GoddessBernadette loves so much… I was still missing my piggy tail buttplug but I knew if it was not here that meant Goddess did not require me to wear it right now as she likely had other plans .


Picking up the groceries again , I headed for the dining room after passing by the kitchen to put them away , expecting to find Goddess in the room as She normally is when I get home . The room is empty however and I check the Teen Latoya living room to find it empty as well .


I head for the stairs and begin to ascend as I hear the sound of Goddess’ laughter coming Teen Latoya from upstairs . I smile to myself as I walk up the stairs , anxious to see the woman I serve and love . I walk toward the bedroom we share when suddenly the sound of a loud passionate moan comes forth from the half open door. I freeze in place , my heart in my throat and ever so slowly step forth towards the doorway , leaning against the wall right outside as my knees tremble and I take a deep breath, not daring to move as the moans coming from Goddess’ bedroom intensify.

Date: April 25, 2022