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Teen fucked “How’s my newest Puta doing today? Don’t forget to be at the bar on Friday night at 6 and dress slutty for action with no under garments. We have a special date all lined up for you and they are Teen fucked picking you up there. Make sure your slut friend Kathryn comes along too. You know what will happen if you both don’t show. Remember we know where you live. And if Kathryn doesn’t show, it won’t go well for you either. You need to persuade her to join the fun. I know she liked us fucking her. Teen fucked She just has to admit it.” (Eventually I did admit it!)

Teen fucked I was in complete shock. I gathered they thought they owned her to farm out. But wanting me to come along made me terrified. I pondered on what reaction I should give Geri. As I paused she sniveled, “What should I do Kathryn? They have video of me agreeing to have sex with them all and now I was paid for prostitution. Tito threatened to Teen fucked show it around, if I don’t come back again and again. But now he really wants you too. Would you even consider coming along?”

I wanted to help, but had no intention of showing up. I got a taste of what he had in mind the previous weekend. I wasn’t going, but I had to help my BFF. I called my brother’s friend Sid who was a deputy sheriff. These guys had to be stopped, but I didn’t know how and hoped he had some ideas.

Teen fucked I met with Sid at lunch the next day and brought Geri along. She told him what was happening. He contacted the city’s police and they devised a plan. Tito and his gang have been suspected of human and drug trafficking, but were smart and careful. They seem to always know whenever a sting was in the works. Without prove or witnesses willing to testify, it was difficult making an arrest stick. They had tried a few times before. But with me and Geri being willing to help, they were confident Teen fucked that they could finally convict them. With Sid’s help we texted Tito a few times with me agreeing to show up too.

Teen fucked Friday after work, we went to a police van for our wires. Sid wanted us both to wear surveillance gadgets for the meeting, but Geri got cold feet and refused. Her concerns with wearing just a short mini skirt and top without a bra would make it easy to find. Her outfit already said that she was a slut and the cops did suggest that she wear something else. With tears in her eyes she told them that she had to wear that outfit. She whined that if they caught her with the equipment, they would hurt her. It was like she already was under their mental control and was afraid to disobey. How they accomplished that, I had no idea, although Teen fucked it wouldn’t be too long until I found out.

Date: October 22, 2021
Actors: cream