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I began to open my mouth to reply, but her face turned suddenly serious and she growled, teen fuck homemade “Shut up! But keep your mouth open.” She bent over at the waist, keeping her legs perfectly straight and picking up the silk robe, spun and walked directly toward me. “I’ll show you just how wet you make me.” teen fuck homemade Inches from my straining body she reached out and hung the robe on my throbbing cock. “Don’t let it fall baby.” She said, “If you do, I’ll edge you to tears.” teen fuck homemade My cock never even bobbed as the weight of the robe was added, I had never wanted anything as much as I wanted her right now.

She pulled her g-string away from her body and I caught a glimpse of her perfect hairless pussy framed by the open crotch of the jumper. Already her g-string was soaked with her arousal. teen fuck homemade “See, look what you’ve done. We haven’t even started yet and you’ve made me ruin my panties. I’d take them off, but you’d like that too much and there’s no way I’m gonna let you have the satisfaction of watching me cream my own legs for you.” She took my covered cock in her hand. “At least, not yet…” she said looking up at me as the maddening smirk tried to return. She raised her hand and put two fingers in my mouth. teen fuck homemade “Suck!” she commanded. I did as I was told and sucked her fingers needily. After a few moments, she took them out and to my surprise inserted them into her pussy. “Keep that mouth open.” She warned as they came out again, covered in a thick layer of her arousal. “See what you’ve done, you naughty, naughty boy?” She plunged the fingers into my mouth. “Clean them off baby. teen fuck homemade It’s your fault.” I did again as I was told, savoring every drop of my mistress. I loved her taste. It meant that she wanted me, that she liked me, that she needed me. She pulled her fingers out and, once again, inserted them deep into her warm wet folds. teen fuck homemade For the next few minutes(as to the length, I have no clue. Time had stopped for me) she continued to feed me her arousal and with each repeated motion I watched desire and lust rise in her eyes as she watched the same rise in me.

teen fuck homemade I couldn’t hold back any more, while she was again preparing her fingers for me, I blurted out, “Mistress, your eyes light me on fire. Everything about you lights me on fire. I’m burning for you.” Her eyes snapped to mine and she pulled the deep v in her jumper apart exposing her luscious breasts. She shoved me backwards as far as my chains would allow and straddled my thigh, parking her knee firmly against my manhood. I could feel the warmth of her pussy on my thigh through her soaking wet g-string and she began to rub herself firmly against my leg. She leaned into me, teen fuck homemade her perfect breasts rubbing my chest, and proceeded to kiss and suck my tongue as she grabbed my ass and rubbed my nipple with her other hand.

Date: May 25, 2021