Stepbro fucks his hot stepsister so she can go to the beach


Stepbro Her pussy was amazing, even better than her mouth, scorching hot and slick and tight. He hooked his arms under her knees, pushing them back until her pretty bare feet were above her shoulders. She clung to him as he slammed into her, wailing in her pleasure, his moans and growls mixing with her beautiful noise. Stepbro He really hoped no one was around, as all the windows were rolled down. She was always loud in bed and he loved it.

“That what you wanted?” he asked her.

“Yes!” She flung her head back, arching beneath him. “Fuck me baby, fuck me harder.”

Stepbro He gave her everything he had, their flesh slapping together, his cock filling her over and over. They were rocking the car, making it squeak on the tires. He pulled one of his arms from beneath her knee and started squeezing her bouncing breasts.

“Feel like a teenager again, honey?” he purred at her.

The question went unanswered in the intensity of the moment, the force of his fucking making her delirious. She was getting close, and so was he, she could feel it in the erratic rhythm of his hips, in the Stepbro tightening of his stomach.

“Danielle.” He tangled his hand in her hair, the other still holding her knee back. “Oh, goddamn.”

The pressure built inside her. His cock was hitting just the right spot, sending a sensation like little electric shocks directly to her clit. Her pleasure reached a sharp peak and she began to clench around him. She shrieked as the tension broke, shuddering waves rolling over her Stepbro body.


He fucked her through it, making her come even harder. Stepbro He only lasted another moment though, before she saw the unmistakable signs of him going over the edge. She loved to watch him come.

“Fuck!” He buried his face in the seat next to her head, Stepbro his cock jerking and throbbing inside her. Wet heat filled her and she pushed her hips up, moaning as her still-clenching pussy milked it out of him. They were both gasping and trembling, pressed slick and hot against each other.

She sunk against the seat, buzzing, shuddering, alive. Stepbro He sagged against her. She squeezed around him and sighed at the feel of his twitching length still so deep inside her. He groaned, close to her ear.

“You okay, baby?” she asked.

Date: February 27, 2022