Step Brother & Step Sister Play Britney Light – Family Therapy


Step Brother & Now again she started but it lasted more than previous but Karthika again shouted. Kalpana said you will never enjoy and Karthik said why don’t you lick it instead of inserting it. Kalpana agreed to it and since it was a small bed, Karthik said to try 69 positions. Kalpana was in 69 positions with Karthika. By looking at it, Karthik had Step Brother & a hard erection. Karthik asked Karthika to suck his dick and she agreed. In the scene was Kalpana was sucking Karthika’s pussy & Karthika was sucking Karthik’s dick.

While pushing in her mouth, since they were in 69 positions, the place was very less. Karthik saw an opportunity and instead of pushing in Karthika’s mouth, he was slightly hitting it in Kalpana’s ass. Kalpana was noticing it and was shifting it here and there. Karthika refuted her ass movement since it was causing discomfort. Karthik removed his dick from her mouth and started to kiss Karthika. While kissing he was catching her breasts in one hand and was trying to insert his finger from the other hand in Kalpana.

Step Brother & Immediately Kalpana stopped licking and got up and said it is enough. Karthika said it was nice and please continue. Karthik then slightly pulled Kalpana’s panty down and asked Karthika to lick it. Karthika & Kalpana said no together, but Karthik said to Karthika you need to reciprocate it. Karthika said okay and Kalpana didn’t say anything. Karthik then Step Brother & pushed Kalpana’s head towards Karthika’s pussy and asked to continue licking.

Step Brother & While they both started to get the hang of each other, Karthik slowly removed the panty of Kalpana towards her knee. While Karthika was licking, he inserted his finger inside Kalpana’s pussy. She shivered and moved, so he took his finger off. Then, Karthik asked both of them to switch i.e. Kalpana to be down and Karthika on top. During Step Brother & that switch, Karthik removed Kalpana’s panty from her body without much struggle. Now only her bra was there.

They both started to like it and became kissing, fingering, and licking each other. Karthik saw a window of opportunity and he pushed Karthika’s face & slowly inserted his dick inside Kalpana. Kalpana thought it was Karthika’s finger initially and didn’t say anything. Karthik Step Brother & started to push forcefully and that’s when she realized. Kalpana tried to turn so that Karthik will take his dick off, but he kept a stern hold on to her and Karthik started to explain sex to Karthika and this how you do it.

Kalpana started to enjoy and was moaning and Karthik was pointing this as pleasure. By hearing those words, Karthika said I too want it. Kalpana said enough, now you try with Karthika. Karthik said ok and Step Brother & pulled Karthika away from 69 positions and started to insert inside of her. She was not even agreeing to insert it completely inside.

Kalpana saw this and gave her breasts to Karthik to suck. Kalpana was ecstatic and was moaning loudly. Karthik gave her love bites and Kalpana asked him to insert of her & was saying don’t cum inside of me. Karthik said okay, but he wanted to cum inside her. So he asked Karthika to sit in Kalpana’s face to distract her.

Date: October 21, 2021