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Slutty Wife Cheats  Thank you, she wrote back, I am looking forward to it, I will return the favour warmly.”

“With favour,” I thought, “then you’d have to grab my Slutty Wife Cheats  spear in your mouth and stick out your shaved pussy like a bitch.” I hid my cock in my panties, got dressed and still went to the bathroom.
I don’t know why, but I decided to wash my cock, balls and ass. There weren’t any roommates around, so it went quickly and smoothly, with no waiting in line for the bathroom.

When I arrived at my ex’s place, she opened the door for Slutty Wife Cheats  me and quite happily invited me inside. I got to the computer and checked what was going on, but everything went without a hitch. When I was making payments, on a separate tab I saw a flashing notification about a message on the portal.
I seemingly accidentally jumped to this tab and out of the corner Slutty Wife Cheats  of my eye. I saw that in the communicator window a photo of some cock held in Monica’s mouth was displayed, and under this a message: “you know how to suck cock, just start swallowing some more.” I quickly switched to the charges tab and pretended I didn’t see anything. She somehow never let me take a picture of her during sex, and here she is having her picture taken while giving a blowjob.

“Would you like something to drink?” -She asked when I finished Slutty Wife Cheats  the last payment. I came by car so I couldn’t drink any alcohol. I asked for just water or juice. My ex came back after maybe two minutes and gave me orange juice and brought something transparent. I took two sips, she drank the whole glass at once.

“Do you like it?” -She asked.

“Good, thank you” – I said, stretching out comfortably on the sofa. Slutty Wife Cheats  Monika came up to me, stood opposite me, turned around, lifted up her skirt under which she had no panties, grabbed her buttocks, leaned forward and to my eyes appeared her shaved pussy and ass.

“I want you to like it very much” – she said, looking at me from between her thighs- “And as a thank you for your help you can… You know…”

“Fuck you?” -I asked.

“I haven’t had good sex in a long time, so you can lick or fuck… Do Slutty Wife Cheats  anything you want.”

On the computer I jumped to the messenger tab with the picture of her sucking, I turned the laptop towards her and said:

“Will you suck me off too, with a photo as a souvenir?”

“Lick me and fuck me, please, and if you want! I’ll suck you as you wish, just I beg you put it inside me. I haven’t had anything in there for a few months now, except for a vibrator from you!”


Date: October 11, 2021