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Skinny teen Their intentions of sexual flirting and appraising my body, checking it out was hard to mess, but that did not annoy me either, I am the sex loving woman who would not mind pleasing them in anyway if it was with benefits in return, which I had on mind by doing the cleaning lady or maid job anyway.

John looked me in the eyes with a wide smile, lifted his hand up Skinny teen stretched it till it was over my thigh but not touching it about a fracture of an inch high, he looked at his hand, my thigh then back at my eyes, smiling and asking “May I feel them?”

Without thinking twice, I nodded smiling and saying “Sure, go ahead Sir?”

He felt my thigh, rubbing his hand softly over it up and down, closing his eyes making hums and sounds saying “wow John, this feels like a Skinny teen truly genuine silk, she is the prettiest woman I have ever seen, soft too” he kept his hand moving over my thigh.

We all laughed loud when he said “by the way, I don’t want you to call me Sir any more, my name is John, and this is big old fart Jim, don’t you ever believe you are a maid in this house, forget it, consider the maid job was done already and well paid for, but you are our honorable guest now, let’s enjoy it and have fun?”

I smiled looking him in the eyes saying “fun? What kind of fun do Skinny teen you guys have on mind?”

He laughed saying “any kind our beauty queen would allow us to have”

By then it was my time to be smart and naughty at the same time, holding the stick from the middle by saying “well, thanks for considering the cleaning job done and paid for, but you do not expect having fun would be at the same price, do you?”

Skinny teen I made it sound like a joke, but I was literally asking if they would pay money for having any fun they liked with me, and I think they both got the hint properly and directly, they both seemed pleased to hear it as well, as they were super rich, it looked to me that money was never an issue for them, they also did not want to make it sound like hooking or so.

John was still feeling and rubbing my thigh going upwards to high levels almost Skinny teen touching the edges of my pussy under my denim shorts lose leg, same time, while we were talking, Jim felt jealous, he lifted his hand over my other thigh and looked me in the eyes, I smiled nodding, he was feeling and rubbing my other thigh as well.

Skinny teen After mentioning the money issue, they both looked at each other smiling happily and John said “of course not, I believe fun with a gorgeous woman like yourself is priceless and not many men could feel into heaven like that easily, honey, of course the cleaning money will go to the cleaning office account through the Visa card as usual, but your tips would be in cash in your pocket of course, and good girls make excellent tips don’t they?”

I got the message clearly and was so happy, I giggled saying “then Skinny teen I would not be doing any cleaning?”

Date: October 21, 2021