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shot cum challenge I Just got accepted to this great university to study for my masters degree. After a break of 2 years. I anyways, i got to class and sat there looking at the board and super bored to be honest. Another class i had to go through that i totally hated. People were coming in to class, one after the other. i’d come early cause i was smart like that. Moment after the professor made her way to class. closed the door behind her and sat at her desk. three minutes later the most beautiful girl walked in. Super tiny slim white jeans, and i swear she had nothing underneath cus i could see through. she looked so neat and fresh. shot cum challenge Blonde hair and a shiny smile. a fit green TShirt with her shown belly button pierced with a shiny diamond. time stopped for a sec as she made her way and sat in front of me. She s got the looks, the body of a model and the perfume let’s say it’s the kind you can only get from a factory in france where that shit is made. i immediately melted in my place, i couldnt focuse but i knew that i had to make my move soon and get her to my place. It is time for my shot cum challenge charm if i had any, to put to good use because it doesn’t get any better than this. As she sat there all quiet, she pulled out her phone on snapchat and the moment she turned the camera to selfie, shot cum challenge there was my fucking face showing behind her. we both froze for a second then i let out my smile and then she followed with a full smile. we ended up taking pictures and posting them. Let’s just say we became buddies for a sec, but i never accepted the fact that a chick like that would trap me into a friendzone disaster so i did what i do best, and this is an advise to all my sucker guys out there. Dont do SHIT that friends do. dont compliment her like a friend, be rough and shot cum challenge straight. so that is what i did and kept on doing. A week later we got an assignment from our professor. A group of two. We already agreed that we re gonna do it together. it was my shot if i ever wanted to shot cum challenge get her to my flat and run butt naked with her or whatever satisfies you. Look! This chick was IT. and i mean the SHIt the 10 10 of all tens.The day after i was sitting home just had diner and i opened youtube looking at clips and stuff, until i hear a gentle knock on my door, i knew something was up cuz usually the homies shot cum challenge break the door. so i tip toed to the door and piped through the hole and there she was “Serena” with her goodies in front of my door. I opened the door “Hello” i suddently couldnt take the smile off my face. shot cum challenge She was smiling as well. She then just got in with no invitation

Date: March 2, 2022