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sexy teen pov One day when he was doing laundry, Dan found her bathing suit in the washer and had an idea. He ripped the strap that holds it together, then hung it on the drying rack. She would have to get a new one now, and Dan hatched an idea to make sure it was one he liked. She turned 18 the week before, and he hadn’t bought her anything other than a birthday card. sexy teen pov He decided to go buy her a new swim suit. He told her about the ripped strap, and she was bummed out. She hadn’t been babysitting much because of the pandemic, so she was completely broke. Dan sighed and told her he would help her out with a late birthday present. sexy teen pov Her eyes shot wide open as she smiled at her big brother.

“You would really do that? They’re like 50 bucks,” she asked excitedly.

sexy teen pov “I have some extra cash, and it’s about time you ditch that boring old bathing suit anyways,” Dan replied.

“Thanks! When should we go get it?” she asked.

“What do you mean we?” Dan asked playfully. sexy teen pov “It’s a present. Shouldn’t I be the one to pick it out?”

“Um, I guess. Usually I try them on first, though,” Mary said.

“They don’t let you try things on with Covid going around,” I told her. “If you hate it or it doesn’t fit you can take it back.”

sexy teen pov “Okay, that works! Let’s see if you have any taste,” she joked as Dan grabbed his keys and left for the mall.

Dan was excited as he shuffled through the racks looking for one that he liked. He wasn’t familiar with sizing of women’s clothing, but he had an idea of at least her bust measurement. He didn’t want to take a chance guessing, though, sexy teen pov so he decided to text and ask her what size she wears.

“What size you wear sis?” he texted her.

“The ripped one is a small, so that should work,” came the reply.

“You bought that like three years ago, though. Not to sound weird, but you’ve kinda grown up a bit since then,” Dan replied. “It says to get a small for A or B cups. Is that gonna work?”

Dan knew she was a C cup, but texting his innocent little sister about her breasts was turning him on.

“I’m a 34 C. Maybe I need medium,” came her reply.

“Thanks, sis,” Dan said as a purple halter top and matching string bikini set caught his attention.

sexy teen pov It was a light purple with frilly trim. The top was cut to accentuate cleavage while still covering a respectable amount of skin. It was held up by a string around the back of the neck and a tie around the back. The bottoms matched the color and style of the top. The string together style allowed for enough coverage to not seem weird, but the bikini cut would show off her ass more than anything she’d worn before. It would sit low on her hips and the crotch was cut much more narrowly than her old suit.

Date: January 18, 2022