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sexy teen can “Oh you’re big! Oh you’re fuckingggggg big! Sloowww slow please James slow. I will take you I promise just start sloe please.

I slowed down and felt the feeling of her ass grip the end of my cock as the head slid in. It gripped me like a vice.

“Please I need to open my leg please James can I open my legs please?” she begged her eyes pleading with me.

“Yes just until I’m all the way in and then they go back to where they are.” sexy teen can I said sternly.

“Oh thank you!” she said as she let go of her legs and spread them wide. “Oh fuck slooooooowwww!” she screamed as she felt me slide into her. As she opened her legs my cock slipped more into her I continued to sexy teen can pump with slow pumps until I was all the way in to the hilt.

Her eyes were wide and she could barely speak. “Oh fuck James that is so good sooo full so fucking full. Oh please fuck it! Please jam fuck my ass!”

“Who’s ass?” I yelled as I shoved myself into her hard.

“Yours James! Your ass!” She cried. “Fuck it James, fuck your ass you own it now.” sexy teen can she screamed. I started to slide in and out using full long slow strokes all the way out just so only the head of my cock stayed in her ass hole and all the way back in until the base met her pelvis.

“Yes that is nice Buffy that is really fucking nice.” I said as I took in full the pleasure of her tight hole.

“Your Dad won’t fuck my ass- he is too old-fashioned and I need it so bad teen can ” she said.

I grabbed her legs and put them back together. This made her tighter and increased my pleasure tenfold. “Hold them don’t let them go.” I said

“I won’t James, I promise I won’t.” she said putting her arms around her legs.

“OK that’s a good girl.” I said as I started to increase my pace. I set sexy teen can myself on track for heaven taking stops at joyville and lust-haven on the way as Buffy came and came thanks to my relentless hard and fast pounding.

“Yes Oh fuck that’s sooo good!” I screamed. “Your fucking ass is so amazing. You take it like a good girl.” I shouted

“Good girl, good girl, yes I’m a goooooooooddd girllllllll!” she screamed as her body shook with another intense orgasm. Her orgasm took me on a ride there was no return from. I felt the tingles in my toes and they shot off throughout my system all culminating at the base of my shaft that was now deep inside Buffy’s well fucked ass. I grabbed hold of her hips sexy teen can  and pulled her closer to me and allowed my body to take over. I felt load after load of hot cum spurt deep inside Buffy’s now well fucked ass. I pumped until every drop was extinguished from inside me.

I was soaked with sweat and my cock flicked with pleasure. Buffy who rolled around on her silk sheets enjoying the last throws of pleasure still sweeping through her body.

“James that was incredible” she said. “Wonderful, amazing! I am so well fucked – it’s been so long since I was so well fucked. Thank you.” she said, well pleased with herself. sexy teen can I stood up now and moved to the end of the bed.

Date: March 2, 2022