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Pigtailed teen Hello I would like to start with a bit about myself , my  name is Elana and I am a collared slave to my Mistress , whom I address lovingly as Goddess Bernadette ( She likes the form of address as a single word )  Pigtailed teen or sometimes simply Goddess. I have been collared to Her for a few weeks now and have never felt so happy .


 Now I have to share a little about myself before beginning . I am a 24 year old woman with blonde hair straightened to just below my shoulders and brown eyes which I have been told are pretty without being all that remarkable, standing just a hair over 5 feet proud of my slender figure and perky small breasts , with a body toned by years of working out and sports , having discovered the world of BDSM relatively recently , as a domme . For Her part , Goddess is a 54 year old woman of stunning Pigtailed teen lassical beauty with.deep green eyes that I could lose myself in for hours , an easy smile and a beautiful curvaceous body that would put many younger women to shame with a magnificent bust that I am very jealous of myself .


While I had dabbled in an evening of submission here , or a few hours there , my experience with Pigtailed teen Goddess Bernadette is a new one as I am experiencing many things for the first time … She has made me into her foot worshipper ,as well as  Her piggy slave , complete with nose hooks which turn all my laughs and moans into the Pigtailed teen squeals and snorts which She finds so delightful, and a pink pig tail buttplug which I can sometimes wear all day long when we are at home. I am a slave to Her only , and if I dabble with any other , it is as a strong confident Domme in my own right .


Pigtailed teen She is the first and only woman I have ever wanted to truly submit to , not because she is a powerful Goddess , but She has ensured my loyalty with love and caring.  While She can really be a dominant figure , Pigtailed teen I know deep down that Her heart is as much mine as mine belongs to Her.


So I have decided to share , as faithfully as my memory would allow , the records of Pigtailed teen my descent into submission to Goddess Bernadette , and our growth both as Mistress and slave , and as lovers as well…

Date: April 25, 2022