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novinhas Amadoras Dan grew up in a strict religious family. His parents had been married since they were 19 years old, and they started having children shortly thereafter. By the time they were 28, they had two sons and a daughter. Dan is in the middle. His brother, Mark, is three years older. His sister, Mary, is three years younger. Dan is 21 years old and doesn’t quite fit into the family dynamic

novinhas Amadoras His family’s lifestyle revolves almost completely around church. Mission trips, bible studies, prayer groups…the whole works. Mark and Mary pretty much fell in line with the expectations, but Dan had never felt any connection to the religion that had been shoved down his throat his whole life.

novinhas Amadoras He was entering his third year of college and lived at home. His older brother moved out of the house after he finished college a year earlier, leaving Dan and his soon-to-be high school senior sister at home. Mark and Dan had always gotten along great, but Mark had fit into the straight-edge evangelical routine much more easily than Dan. Recently, they hadn’t spent much time together. Mark’s wife fit the mold his mom envisioned, and they were on their way to starting their own family.

novinhas Amadoras Mary is a spitting image of their mom, both in personality and appearance. Just like her mom, Mary has a petite, athletic figure. She has sculpted legs and a shapely butt, probably from all the years of dance classes. She has 34C breasts. Dan only knew this because both she and her mom hung their bras on the drying rack in the laundry room regularly. He hadn’t ever thought much of it until a few weeks ago when he went in to his parents room to ask his dad a question. His mom was coming out of their walk-in closet, completely unaware her son was in the room. He saw his mom wearing her white cotton underwear and nothing else. Dan apologized and turned away from his topless mom covering her boobs with her hands, but she hadn’t covered up quickly enough. Her large, dark areolas and pointy nipples were engrained permanently in his memory.

novinhas Amadoras Mary is a smart and capable young girl, but extremely sheltered and naive about the real world, at least from Dan’s perspective. She is a good looking girl, and lately he couldn’t help but imagine what her tits looked like. The one nice part about their parents house was the backyard pool. Mary had worn the same modest bikini for the last couple years, and it didn’t show off nearly as much skin as Dan wanted it to.

novinhas Amadoras One day when he was doing laundry, Dan found her bathing suit in the washer and had an idea. He ripped the strap that holds it together, then hung it on the drying rack. She would have to get a new one now, and Dan hatched an idea to make sure it was one he liked. She turned 18 the week before, and he hadn’t bought her anything other than a birthday card. He decided to go buy her a new swim suit. He told her about the ripped strap, and she was bummed out.

She hadn’t been babysitting much because of the pandemic, so she was completely broke.novinhas Amadoras  Dan sighed and told her he would help her out with

Date: June 28, 2021