Mutual Masturbation with Teen Stepsister -Taylor Pierce –


Mutual Masturbation We met at a posh club in Saket and the session started with drinks. As we were meeting after a very long time we chatted our hearts out and discussed everything which happened in the last 3-4 years. I complemented her for keeping herself in shape even after 3 years of marriage as I had gained some weight after my marriage. We both were 3-4 drinks down and that’s when the discussion came to our married lives. I told her about my son who was just 2 months old Mutual Masturbation that time and that how fond I was of him. I told her about my wife and my marriage that I feel frustrated at a time with these frequent quarrels and I am unable to concentrate on my work etc. I got emotional and told her everything about my life. Hearing that, she too shared her story that she and her husband were trying for Mutual Masturbation last more than 1 year to have a child but have failed. She told me that though her husband is otherwise sexually healthy with the decent sexual drive but there was some problem with her sperm composition due to which she is unable to conceive. They had visited many doctors and were advised to use medication which will Mutual Masturbation gradually cure him but the process would take about a year or so. She told me that her husband is not aware of the exact problem and that its because of him they don’t have any a child and therefore, she pretends to keep trying for it. So, they have sex regularly and her husband hopes that she gets pregnant but she knew that nothing is going to happen before the first course of the medicine is complete i.e. before 1 years. I tried to console her that its alright and that Mutual Masturbation its just a matter of 1 year and after that they’ll be able to have a child but she was upset and told me that this is all very emotionally taxing and that she is already 31 and after one year she’ll be 32 and with every passing year pregnancy becomes riskier both for the child and the mother.

Mutual Masturbation After sometime, she started crying and as I too was very emotional at that time, I asked her “may I suggest you something if u don’t mind”. She said ‘yeah sure”. I told her that she can try having sex with some Mutual Masturbation close friend of hers and can have his child if she so desperate and after one year if her

Date: October 21, 2021