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movies mom Almost as she passed it, Anita spotted the entrance to a drivers’ rest area and quickly swung off the road into it. Due to the service centre that had opened recently just up the road, this old rest area had become unnecessary and was completely deserted. Parking right down the end, a quick scan revealed no other people nor cars in sight, movies mom Anita undid her seatbelt with fumbling fingers, immediately reaching down to pull off her sodden black panties. As her arm rose, she swiped a finger tantalisingly slowly up the length of her dripping slit, causing her to shiver in anticipation … fuck, she NEEDED John to tease her like that, over & over again, without allowing her to cum. movies mom Hiking up her skirt, Anita spread her legs wide, her feet pressed into the bottom corners of her windscreen to give best access between her thighs. She so badly wanted John’s face buried there, licking her clit sensuously while his strong, thick fingers pummelled her tight, needy pussy hole. Drawing up her tight white blouse over the top of her bare A-cups, Anita squeezed one nipple while simultaneously smacking her exposed clitty hard, over & over. The pleasure! movies mom The pain! Each jolt from her hand caused her over-stimulated clit to send a pulse of wild stimulation rocketing up into the core of her being, where it was met by the hot electric arc shooting in from her abused nipples. movies mom She needed – no, craved! – John to cross that fine, fine line separating these intense sensations to combine them for her intense sexual pleasure!

movies mom Despite having a strong personality and being fiercely intelligent, the dark secret Anita hid from the world was that she desperately desired her whole sexuality be be controlled and dominated by a burly, well-muscled man – and John fitted her erotic fantasies absolutely perfectly. She wanted to be his good girl, for him to own her, control her pleasure, and most of all right now, to fuck her. Rummaging in her handbag, Anita found her hairbrush. It had a long, hard, black plastic handle – nowhere near as thick as what she was sure John’s huge member would be like, but it was better than her petite fingers! Shoving it into her soaked, craving womanhood as hard as she could, Anita gasped as she imagined John lying on top of her, movies mom crushing her under his sweaty, masculine bulk, leaving her struggling to breathe as he thrust his cock harshly into her tiny, tight slit. Grasping harshly at her breasts and digging her fingernails into her now-red tit-flesh, Anita began to gasp as she humped the faux-cock, its length slamming painfully into her cervix as its hardness pleasured her squeezing pussy-walls and sensitive G-spot.

movies mom Groaning “John … John!” between her ragged gasps for breath, Anita edged herself over and over again to the very brink of orgasm, knowing that’s the control he would have over her. Each time she would stop lavishing attention on her desperately-throbbing pussy & nipples moments before wild waves of orgasm would have otherwise crashed over her, leaving her almost crying for release until she returned again to roughly masturbating her lust-wracked body.

Date: January 24, 2022