Mom & Step Son Come Home From The Beach – Brianna Beach – Mom


Mom & Step Son Come Home He looked a tad shocked as i never ask to take a look etc, But he got his phone & held it in front of my face, I gasped out a bit & felt my face going red,
It was a video of a blonde white woman slowly wanking a black guys cock!
At first I was a bit taken aback but then crabbed the phone to see better!

Mom & Step Son Come Home OMG I said… So its true then they ‘Are huge’! I was transfixed by it & for the rest of the day couldn’t get it out my head, Later on I said to him … I can’t get the picture of that black man’s cock out my head! “Really” so you liked it then did you Sue? Well now I know what I’ve been missing out on now all these years yeah!
Can i see it again? Yeah..Have ya got bluetooth..Mom & Step Son Come Home I could send it to your phone if ya like? Ohh yes of course i didn’t think of that, After only a minute my phone beeped so i took a look & there it was, I couldn’t take my eyes of it as had never seen anything like this before, I’d never seen a Porno in my life so was use to only seeing my fella’s cock & the two i’d had before meeting him & they were deffo not like this fucker lol, Yeah he’s a big boy Sue Kev said, Yeah just a bit! I can send you some more if ya like? Are you trying to corrupt then ha ha & keep ya voice down i dont want everyone knowing! But yeah go on then ya can do, What type of thing do you want? Have you anymore with Blackcocks?Mom & Step Son Come Home Ha ha yeah got lots of them Sue, Yeah send some more of them please, Have i gone & converted you to Blackcocks now then? Well I don’t know if i would go that far but that video opened my eyes a bit,

Mom & Step Son Come Home For the next hour before we went home my phone kept beeping away as he kept sending more & more, Each time i was trying to take a quick look without anyone seeing! I coudn’t concentrate on what i was doing as just had Blackcocks in my head, One of the girls remarked on the way my phone had been nonstop beeping Saying..Mom & Step Son Come Home  Your popular today Sue! Ohhh i know..don’t know what it is ha ha.

I only live a couple of minutes away from my work place & think i set a new record getting back there, My Husband gets home around 45 minutes after myself so this gave me plenty of time to look at the video’s,


He had sent all sorts of stuff but all had blackcocks in them, Mom & Step Son Come Home I think i was in a bit of a daze for the rest of the night as my

Date: May 25, 2021
Actors: brianna beach