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Mom & sister Lisa smiled and reached out for my cock as her beautiful 19 year old body sprawled out on the bed. She rolled onto her back opening her legs wide and said

‘Come now don’t tell me you wouldn’t like to fuck me? Your cock wants me’ Lisa purrs.

‘Of course it does you’re fucking beautiful. But no we can’t.’ Mom & sister

My mind raced at a million miles an hour and she was right my cock throbbed to fuck her. I now so wanted to taste that sweet little pussy, shove my self inside and rip her open. But Jane.

Mom & sister ‘Well Steve I have seen you naked and had your cock in my mouth already so if you don’t fuck me I will tell mum you did anyway. I know what you like I often masturbate and listen to you fuck the daylight out of mum wishing it was me, so now its my turn.’

I couldn’t believe this dirty little snake was holding me to ransom. Mom & sister I knew then and there what I had to do. I needed to take the control back or this little minx would hold it over me forever. She needed to be fucked and fucked good and taught a lesson or too on life.

‘I want your big fat cock to fuck me, not like what Jason does. He gets me going and it’s over. I want you to fuck me over and over like you do Mum.’

I took hold of my cock in my hand. Truth is now I wanted to fuck this little bitch. As she was about to start talking again I grabbed her hair.

‘Shut up you little bitch and open your mouth wide’ I shouted as I pulled her head up to my cock. I moved my cock in and out of her mouth Mom & sister dragging it back and forth across her face, each time putting it deeper into her mouth as I went.

She was right I did want her and she was going to know how the big girls play. Her pussy was tight but drenched as I slid one then another finger into her, smartening her act up with sucking my cock as Mom & sister I went.

Mom & sister I took my time in her, feeling the inner walls front to back side to side, exploring her finding her weak spots and then exploring them more. She came hard and bit my cock hard enough to leave teeth marks in my shaft but I wasn’t stopping ,

‘Stop, stop it’s to much!’ She yelled.

‘Too much?’ I laughed ‘I threw her head Mom & sister back on the bed making her cum again. Her pussy was juicing all over me just like her mother does when I finger fuck her. I looked into her eyes.’

Date: October 21, 2021