Mom and partner daughter first time The Step Sleeper Creeper


Mom and partner Morning came way too fast and I barley even mumbled goodbye as Jane kissed me told me she will be home late as she has a mountain of work to do.

‘I’d much rather be home sucking your cock back to life and getting ploughed for the rest of the day.’ She added smiling as the walked out of the door. Alone, or so I thought, I grabbed the blankets and Mom and partner back off to a sound sleep.

I didn’t hear the door open but I did feel someone get into bed. Trying hard to wake I smiled as I saw just a glimpse of flesh disappear under the sheets making her way to my now hardening cock.

Mom and partner All I could think of was Jane couldn’t wait and come home to get some meat inside her. I felt her lips kiss the head of my cock and her tongue lick the whole rim of my head. She was savoring it treating it like it was her first time even thought it was in her hours earlier. She licked the shaft from head to base the whole length and width of it teasing in Mom and partner  a way I had never felt before. My cock was now hard as can be and yearned to be sucked.

I opened my eyes trying to over ride the pleasure and adjust to the sunlight now filtering into the room. I now felt the softest of bites along the shaft and my ache now became more of a desire

‘Suck it baby get it in your mouth.’ there was no reply but still she persisted in now licking and sucking my balls.

Mom and partner ‘Come on you got it hard you know you like it and want it suck it.’

I hear a muffled giggle under the blankets then feel her mouth totally surround the head of my cock and start to suck.

‘Ah that’s it baby you know what I like.’ Now totally aroused and awake all my senses started to kick in. It was strange to have my cock sucked Mom and partner this way. Jane always leaned on my body but today she was between my legs as if crawling up to me. But she was in fine form in fact she had never sucked my cock so good in her life – her enthusiasm was amazing. I just had to watch her and find out why she had come back.

In one go I tossed all the covers off the bed and to my total disbelief it was Lisa Jane’s daughter sucking on the end of my cock she paused, smiled at me and went straight back to it.

My head now spinning I jumped up.

Mom and partner ‘Hey shit this isn’t right what are you doing? I thought you were staying at a friends!’ I said.

‘I’m sucking you fucking amazing cock’ she said with a smile.

‘OK I know that but you can’t. You just Mom and partner can’t’ I said.

Date: October 21, 2021