mama la novia de mi Amigo Cogiendo con mi amiga b.


mama la novia de mi Amigo She sucked hard and cupped by balls firstly with one hand then with both, as my cock stiffened she began bobbing her head back and forth. She started making that uck noise as my meat reached the back of her throat and it was starting to get really sloppy, she leaned back and began polishing the head of my cock with her lips, kissing and licking it thoroughly then licking the full length of my shaft, sucking my balls when she reached them while tightly gliding her hand up and down my cock.

mama la novia de mi Amigo This was one of the best blowjobs I’ve had in ages, she gently began biting my ball sack and purring like she was really getting into it. I swept her hair away from her face then held it in behind her head with both hands as she looked me directly in the eyes as my hips moved in harmony with the flow of her hands and mouth.

mama la novia de mi Amigo oth hands were now twisting as she glided them up and down my cock and she sucked each of my testicles into her mouth so she could lick around them and release them with a pop and little nibble for good measure. I was thoroughly enjoying the moment when she went straight back for the cock and pushed it as far back as she could into her mouth and squeezed my balls, she held it there for a second then stood straight back up, wiped her mouth and stopped.

“We will pick this up later.” She said abruptly.

She then flicked her hair and quickly rushed out.
I had a raging hard on and it was dripping with saliva, I was not ready to cum so I tidied up myself in a cubicle before leaving to return to my desk.

mama la novia de mi Amigo I did still have a semi bulge but guessed that nobody would notice as the office was quite empty, and the re-entered the office. As I approached my desk there was a young looking indian woman, Gary and Kelly waiting for me.

“This is Trishna,” said Gary.

mama la novia de mi Amigo “Could you give her a health and safety tour of the office please and introduce her to all of the departments, she will be here all week then every Thursday and Friday as part of her apprenticeship, make her feel welcome.” Asked Gary.

We exchanged pleasantries then Kelly turned and kissed Gary on the lips looking in my direction, which was very inappropriate by the way, and then they walked back to Garys office leaving me and Trishna alone.

mama la novia de mi Amigo I introduced myself a little less formally then gave her a tour of the office facilities, obviously very important! Then the fire assembly information and kept her talking throughout, she seemed to have come out of her shell a bit, she was shy but curious and asked a lot of questions, it became apparent that she knew

Kelly by a few things she was saying so I mama la novia de mi Amigo delved deeper and found out that she studied at the university Kelly lectured at and was

Date: June 24, 2021