la mama de mi Amigo Day with Dad’s friend mas de la mama de mi amiga


la mama de mi Amigo This is the fourth part of my narration MY MOM’S ILLICIT AFFAIRS which describes the sexcapades of my mom. Please read the earlier episodes if you are a new reader for a better understanding of the events. I was overwhelmed with the response that I have received for my earlier posts and am grateful to all those who responded. la mama de mi Amigo I expect your similar support in this episode too.

la mama de mi Amigo In the last episodes, I had described how my mom got into cheating on my dad and it was mainly with Suresh uncle. I then thought she was doing this because of her blind love and feelings for him but it was not the case. la mama de mi Amigo She was transforming into a cock hungry slut. All the inhibitions in her disappeared and she was now much more liberal and started to live her life according to her wishes. Earlier she used to give priority to our interests but now it slowly started to change.

la mama de mi Amigo She has now become a sex slave to Suresh uncle and was ready to do anything he said to get the pleasure that she was missing. His frequency of visits also slowly started to increase and I was watching it most of the time. One day it was vacation time for me and I was resting at home when I understood from her conversation with Sheela that Suresh uncle was coming home tonight. Apart from the business he also was acting in movies and serials at that time. That also attracted mom towards him as she was always a big fan of movies.

la mama de mi Amigo She always had that aspiration to be an actress but her dad was not supportive at her young age and got her married at a very early age. So now when she meets someone with a similar passion they got attracted easily. Then later that night, I decided to follow Sheela closely as she will be the one taking him to her room. But unlike always, Sheela went to her room in the out-house early and told mom that she will bring him in as soon as he comes.

la mama de mi Amigo My mom told her that he told he will come by 12.30 and it was just 11 now. So my mom went to her bedroom and got fresh to meet him. He was out of town for more than 2 weeks now and her pussy was itching to get his big cock into her. She arranged the room and went to take bath. So I decided to peep into Sheela’s room to know why she went off early. Sheela’s room was within the same compound but outside our home. So I positioned myself near her window and started to peep in.

la mama de mi Amigo I was shocked to see what was happening inside. Sheela was then coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and someone was sitting on her bed.

The towel was really short and it was just covering her ass. la mama de mi Amigo It was clearly evident that she was not wearing any innerwear as her bosom

Date: June 23, 2021