la madre de mi Amigo Me cogí a la mamá de mi amigo y salió bien cachon


“la madre de mi Amigo That is why I am here for you, baby. Now you show me how much you miss me. I will be passive today as you will take the lead role.” and kissed her on her lips. She was already excited and she slowly undressed him. He was standing and she slowly removed the buttons of his t-shirt and removed it from his body. Her hands were running all along his hairy chest and she was kissing his nipples. She then went on her knees and started to remove his jeans down while she was kissing and licking inside his navel.

la madre de mi Amigo A huge tent was seen under the brief of his crotch and she pulled down his underwear and his cock sprang out. She was happy to see his cock erect and started to kiss it even before he asked her. She was kissing it from top to bottom and slowly pulled back the foreskin and started to taste it in her mouth. “Wow, I was missing this taste and smell since you went out of town. This is the moment that I am waiting for nowadays” and continued to suck him. When I looked through the bedroom door which was not completely closed, I could see Sheela checking their action from the corner of the hall.

la madre de mi Amigo She then made him lie on the bed and undressed by removing the robe and stood in front of him wearing only her undies. She then removed her bra and panty and stood fully naked in front of him. She then climbed on the bed with him and positioned herself between his legs and started to suck him again. She was maintaining the same pace and sucking him nicely and simultaneously stroking his cock too. She also took special care of his balls as she took them into her mouth and sucked them too.

la madre de mi Amigo Her body was looking beautiful as she was sucking him and the boobs were brushing his thighs while she was pleasing him. He then pushed his cock into her mouth and she gagged. She even said, “you naughty, I was not expecting that.” Saying this she herself was deep throating his cock and gagged in between. la madre de mi Amigo His hands were playing with her boobs pressing them at his will. After that he made her lie on the bed and started to suck her wet juicy pussy and she was moaning in pleasure.Her pussy was neat and without any trace of hair and he was eating her well. He was licking all the juices and even inserting her tongue into her. la madre de mi Amigo After sucking her for some time, she came on top of him and sat on his cock, and started to fuck him in a cowgirl position. She was moving up and down on his erect cock while he was lying on the bed with closed eyes pressing her boobs. She was moaning as her motion started to gain more pace.

They fucked in that position for some more time and she was saying in between “la madre de mi Amigo I am cumming baby, it feels so good” and I realized she

Date: June 26, 2021