la madre de mi Amigo Ksal hot convida o amigo André cavalão para curtir


la madre de mi Amigo It started like any other weekend in a resort town before summer crowds come streaming in. It was a Saturday evening sun was going down the owners of their shore house were cleaning getting ready to rent out to vacationers.

I was local 20 yr old walking to a party in town. As I pass this very nice condo a lady on the 2nd floor deck called out .

la madre de mi Amigo   I didn’t know she was yelling down to me.  I looked around and pointed to myself, she asked “if could you help my husband move a piece of furniture?” I had some time so I agreed.

So I started up the steps to the entrance where she met me and invited me in. She was tall and very fit probably in her mid 40s dark hair tight ass and C cup breasts.

The Her husband came out from the back and introduced himself we shook hands their names were James and Cecelia  or Cee as she liked to be called.

la madre de mi Amigo   I’m 6’4 lean basketball player frame. I don’t brag but I am well endowed. James said he had to go out for a bit. He asked Cee to see to my comfort.

Cee goes to get some a drink. She brings back a beer and a bottle of vodka .. Offers me a shot we did three lemon drops in row and I’m feeling relaxed she then asks me if I find her attractive …to which I grin and say absolutely you are very hot.

la madre de mi Amigo   She then excuses herself and a minute later comes out with nothing on but what I guess was 5 inch heels and a thong I am instantly hard and nervous.

She said not to worry her husband encourages this as he can’t get an erection (pre viagra days ) she grabs my hand and leads me to the couch sits me down and she starts to kiss me passionatel.

la madre de mi Amigo  My hands are kneeding her tits and I pinch her nipples which are very hard. I let one hand roam to  her pussy as I start rubbing her slit she moans in pleasure. I bring my finger up and let her taste her own juices. She is so hot, her pussy is dripping wet.

la madre de mi Amigo  She greedily unbuttons my pants and I help her get them off she immediately gets on her knees and looks at my very hard cock and then at me and I give her an evil “you asked for it smile” as she takes my 9” cock in her hands and can barely get her fingers around it. Her body was looking beautiful as she was sucking him and the boobs were brushing his thighs while she was pleasing him. He then pushed his cock into her mouth and she gagged. She even said, “you naughty, I was not expecting that.” Saying this she herself was deep throating his cock and gagged in between.

His hands were playing with her boobs pressing them at his will. la madre de mi Amigo After that he made her lie on the bed and started to suck her wet

Date: June 23, 2021