korean Mom and son Stepmom Desiree Dulce got stucked under the bed


korean Mom and son  Our company had chosen a delegation to represent it in an international affair at one of the countries abroad, being the executive secretary, I was asked to travel a few of days ahead of the delegation to make sure all arrangements of our company’s booth at the affair is all set and prepared properly.

korean Mom and son  I was in my mid-twenties by then, I flew by a plane and arrived at my already pre-reserved five-star hotel room, I had the rest of the day free for myself, as work starts the next day, I was not tired, the flight was short, I took a shower and decided to go shopping in a nearby mall, within walking distance from the hotel.

korean Mom and son  At the lingerie and women’s underwear department, a sexy, hot lingerie caught my eyesight which I liked very much, it was a short nightie-like lingerie of super thin and soft, shiny material, about 50% transparent, I bought it right away, finished shopping and got back to my room, it was in the afternoon already.

korean Mom and son  After my meal, I relaxed for an hour or so, then decided to try my new lingerie on, I took a shower first, then put it on with nothing else under it, no bra and no panties, looking at myself in the mirror, I looked so hot to myself, a curvy hot body, firm D cub size tits, and fully round ass, the contrast between my bright white, silky soft skin with the color of the black lingerie made it look so sexy, it was suspended to my shoulders with two thin straps revealing most of my tits, and  very short on the length, it had barely covered my ass ending less than one inch bellow my ass bottom line, which made it super-hot and sexy in fact.

korean Mom and son  Being a bisexual woman, I almost fell in love or may be lust with my own figure, making me horny, my pussy was itchy between my legs, I lifted the garment up revealing my pussy which was shown in the full-sized mirror, completely waxed with silky soft skin, some moist had made it look a bit shiny by then.

korean Mom and son  Being all alone in my private hotel room, as of a sudden, a real naughty memories came to my mind, of watching some hotel room related porn clips of some porn actresses wearing sexy, revealing lingerie or nightie, calling the room service man for some services, but in fact trying to act naughty and make a sexy show for the man, which helps one way or another making a woman feel partially satisfied, I asked myself (why don’t I try it? It could be real fun), thinking to myself again, till that point of time, I hadn’t had ordered anything from room service at that hotel, not knowing what kind of room service person

I could get, it could be a young, old, handsome, korean Mom and son  or ugly guy, it could be a woman too, then I had decided, no matter who it would be,

Date: May 23, 2021
Actors: dulce