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japanese Mom and son sex I smell of Dominic again, or, more accurately I smell of what he has squirted inside my body with his handsome cock. My lover has a theory. if I refuse to shower when i get home, if I insist of rermaining scented by our sex, then eventually my husband Peter will capitulate and come meekly with his mouth to my cunt. Peter will kneel like a supplicant before me, witness the rather brutal way in which my sex has been exercised, inhale deeply and then look up into my eyes, begging to taste what Dominic has deposited down there. japanese Mom and son sex Dom says that the process is inevitable. We have already broken Peter’s first line of defence. japanese Mom and son sex I freely date with my lover and Peter knows that if he went up against him he would get a thorough hiding. That matter is settled. Settled too is the little but important matter that Peter is no longer allowed to fuck me. Dominic made that very clerar, prodding my husband’s shoulder with a gently closede fist, warning him that he must treat me like a lady, that he must keep his ‘wierd wee winky’ of a cock out of my bed and make sure that all my wardrobe rerquirements are met. So we are now in ther second phase of Peter’s capitulation. He will learn to lick me out, to worship what Dominic does to me and then he will be ready to suck cock for Dom too. Once all such slightly indelicate matters have been dealt with, once Peter is completely diminished and I have become accustomed to living as a bitch, then we move to the final where Dominic moves in and owns us both. japanese Mom and son sex It will be a time of complete role slip, Peter descending into servitude, I slipping away from all the nice woman social mores that filled my upbringing.

japanese Mom and son sex Last night I came home late from a evening at the club with Dominic and surprisingly Peter was still up. Dominic had fucked me in the back of his large BMW 7 series saloon and i must admit that my pussy was wet and dripping. That night i wore a pleated mini Black Watch tartan skirt, the sort that is easy for Dominic to push up when he wants to fuck me casually. i had got pretty horny, dancing and teasing with his black brothers at the club and so the sex with Dom, in the car, had been pretty hard. When I came into the house then, japanese Mom and son sex I was still aroused.My head was still spinning with the pounding that i had just taken, the reperated bolting surge’s a semen that i fwlt him buck into me. Peter had been reading a newspaper at the kitchen table when I arrived but he stood politely when I appeared and he asked whether i would like a brandy night cap.

It was different. Not only had Peter not scurried to bed before japanese Mom and son sex I arrived home, but his face was drained white and he addressed

Date: May 23, 2021