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intense Fuck Teen noticed she was about to stand up and offered her my hand, which she took with a degree of elegance I knew she had always possessed. We kissed once again, and now I found my hand rubbing her pussy. Her light pink shorts had unmistakably grown darker between her legs, and I couldn’t help but start pulling down on her shorts. She knew what I wanted and proceeded to pull her shorts down on her own. My cock was next to her face as she slipped intense Fuck Teen the shorts out from underneath her. Before rising to meet my gaze again, she kissed the tip of it. It pulsed in delight, having received such affection.

intense Fuck Teen We embraced again, with my cock stabbing at her stomach. After breaking the embrace, I got on all fours and pushed my face upwards into her pussy, trying to breathe her in. Like a crazed dog, I moved her panties to the side and licked her wet pussy. She cooed in ecstasy. I had only licked her for a few seconds before my cock started intense Fuck Teen surging in anticipation. I wanted to be inside her.

Without a word, I stood up and turned her around. My Uncle’s old armchair was right next to us, and it gave her a perfect perch. Her ass and intense Fuck Teen pussy were fertile, and my male instincts took over. I pulled her panties to the side and saw her pussy contracting and relaxing slowly. I slapped both ass cheeks and ran my cock up and down her ass crack. I tapped it upwards on her pussy, and finally, I pressed the shaft of my cock onto her pussy. This was it. There was no turning back. She was my Aunt yes… but she was also a luscious female in heat; I couldn’t ignore that even if I tried.

Damn the morality of such an act; I didn’t care. It didn’t matter that my father had entrusted her to me. It also didn’t matter that I was so much younger than her. My cock was strong and hard, and her pussy was wet and soft. intense Fuck Teen Her husband was dead, and her daughter was away. She was mine for the taking. I got on my tiptoes and flexed my entire body. My hands on her hips, and my cock primed and eager to enter her.

“God damn it, just put it in alrea…” She didn’t finish her sentence.

I cut her off by plunging my thick 7″ cock deep inside of her. She bucked like a wild mare and arched her back like a cat as I pressed my cock intense Fuck Teen deeper and deeper, filling her hot pussy completely. I gripped her ass and stirred my cock in a figure-eight pattern. I probed all around and felt her from the inside out. Meanwhile, she tried to spread her stance. Pretty soon, she had given me the appropriate height to commence my furious assault. I pounded her rhythmically while watching her ass cheeks jiggle gently after every thrust. I reached down and grabbed her left breast. Her pussy tightened and relaxed as my glistening intense Fuck Teen cock entered and exited her. I was relentless. She exhaled loudly, and I could see her hair sticking to her the side of her face

Date: February 18, 2022