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innocent teen Karthik started to beg her and asking her to give him another chance to show the enjoyment of sex. She said she is not comfortable with it. Then they both woke up from bed and again silent treatment continued between them for another 2 days. Today was the fifth & final day of staying in Karthika’s home. Karthik thought something at least has to be done on the final day. After a boring day with the relatives, it became night and both of them came to bed to innocent teen sleep.

Karthik started to change things differently today. As usual, they both talked but today he decided to talk about sex alone and not about different topics. But she didn’t indulge in those talks, due to her anger. Today he asked her to remove the saree and put on a nightdress for innocent teen one night and she agreed. She removed her saree, then her blouse, and finally her petticoat.

He saw her for the first time in bra & panty. innocent teen He couldn’t control his urge which was there for many years now. He pushed her towards the bed and exerted some force. She started to scream, bite and push him, but that didn’t work. He started to unleash the beast within him. He tried to remove her panty but it tore completely. He was mesmerized by her pussy looks.

He removed all his clothes by catching her in one hand. He left his finger inside her virgin pussy and she gave a loud moan. By that time as innocent teen his face was having nail scrap marks. At this moment he was not having a hard erection. He tried to insert against her force, but he was not getting mood. All he was able to do is innocent teen finger fuck her and kiss her breasts with the bra.

All got settled in a few moments later and she started to cry. She threatened him with a police complaint and he became very scared. Karthika told everything to Kalpana. Kalpana decided to be the pacifier for us both. The next day morning lockdown was declared. Things started to go innocent teen from bad to worse very quickly and nothing was going my way after marriage. Kalpana said she will not tell us about anything to our parents if Karthik listened to me and he agreed since he had no other choice.

Due to lockdown, all the family members were in the house and Kalpana innocent teen too came to our home. Kalpana said she will come in the night and discuss this matter. The whole day went by discussing the pandemic situation and night came. She never came to discuss and thought tomorrow she might show up. We both went to sleep without talking to each other as usual. Around 11 PM someone knocked on our door and Karthik opened it, since Karthika slept immediately. He became stunned when Kalpana showed up and she said now everyone slept outside, so we can discuss privately here.

Date: October 21, 2021