Hot Teens Good Study Habits For – Gracie Gates Perfect Girlfriend


Hot Teens “I’m gonna cum down your throat baby” . “Take it all baby” “Fuck, Fuck yes” Your fingers are still, your legs flexed, your cock is just shooting hot cum down my throat, over and over, you moan so loud and continue to thrust your cock in and out of my mouth. The amount of sweet cum is crazy. Hot Teens I have been watching you cum nearly every night, quietly jerking off in your room on camera for me. I have always asked to hear you. I have always asked to see you. Tonight I got both. You have no idea how happy I am and how turned on I am.

Hot Teens My pussy wants the same thing. Hot Teens I want to feel you cum deep inside me. I want to hear you moan and talk dirty to me when you can’t help but explode. I want to watch your face as you ask to cum and when I finally allow you to, I want you to look at me. The thought of all of that alone makes me swell up and my body is begging for you right away again. I will allow you to lay on the bed next to me to catch your breath. I try but I can’t stop looking at you. Hot Teens I try not to touch you but I have to.

Hot Teens I have to rub my hands across your face and down your muscular tattooed arms. Your biceps are so thick, I can barely get my hand halfway around them. I move to your chest, I squeeze your pecs, Hot Teens my nails dig into you, I lift my leg onto you and grind my pussy on your thigh. I squeeze your chest harder, your just massive. Hot Teens You have always been sexy but you’re so much more than that now.

Hot Teens You have your arm wrapped around me and your hand is squeezing my ass. The more I move, the more I touch you the harder you squeeze. And start to smack. I arch my back so you can smack me harder and pull your thigh tighter up in between my thighs. Your cock is hard again and I know I will so get what I want. Since I am only getting a couple of days with you, Hot Teens I have to make sure I drain you of everything, I want you to leave aching for more. Hot Teens When you think of me I want your cock to just throb. Like I have written to you before, you now know, no one will love you like I can.

I can’t help myself as I climb on top of you. I straddle your hips. I look down at you, you’re so sexy. I’ve been looking at still shots of you for months and an occasional short video here and there. I love all of the tattoos. I love the fact that you look so hard, your face structure, the true bad boy, just melts my heart. I put your hands above your head as I raise myself up to ride you. Your cock is upright at attention and I easily slide right down swallowing the whole thing with my pussy. I moan and arch my back. I squeeze your pecs and my nails embed into your skin. I lean down to kiss you, I want to tell you I think I love you, but I won’t, I just look and wonder if you can see it?

Date: January 17, 2022