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Lila gets off of me and went over to where Ella was sitting. Ella sat up and walks over to me. She places her magnificent boobs around my dick and starts pushing them up and down. The inside of her boobs rub hot teen against mine and I cum again all over her boobs and on her face. Lila starts fingering herself on the side. When I cum she moans and convulses, her back almost reaching where her head was. Then she sighs, indicating another orgasm. Ella removes her boobs from my dick and indicates for Lila to come over to her.
Ella walks over to where my head is and puts her boobs over my face.  I start licking her boobs. Then, while I wasn’t paying attention, Lila starts moving her pussy over my dick. hot teen I can feel the insides of her pussy graze my dick from the balls to the very tip while I lick Ella’s soft, giant boobs. Ella starts fingering herself and has an orgasm, squirting all over the floor.

Date: January 12, 2022