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Hot Real Teens  We are at our place. Lilly led me to a private elevator and we all faced the door. Paula took out a key card, I can’t for the life of me figure out where she stashed it. Inserted it in the control and it pinged green. Hot Real Teens  A rather longish ride and the doors opened on a lush garden. The place over looked the downtown and the view was breathtaking. Still holding my hand Lilly led me over to what must have been a king sized lounger next to a pool.  Lilly began undressing me as Paula undressed Lilly. When we were both nude, we both Hot Real Teens undressed Paula. Paula lay back on the lounger her hair spread out underneath her.  Lilly began lubing up Paula’s ass much as she’d done for me. Paula sighed as Lilly entered her. Paula tugged on my legs indicating she wanted to 69. She immediately sucked my Hot Real Teens  dick into her mouth. Now unlike all those porno flicks, hormones prevent me from becoming erect, Hot Real Teens  but Paula had amazing technique and I was in heaven once again. I lowered my head to Paula’s pussy and went to work.  Paula began bucking her hips in rhythm with Lilly’s thrusts. Lilly thrust a large glass dildo into my hands and I eased that into Paula’s pussy. Almost at the same time, I felt Hot Real Teens  Paula insert a similar dildo into my ass. Hot Real Teens  Lilly and Paula came at almost the same time too. I was showered with pussy juice and hot shemale seed.  We rested a bit and Paula offered me a strap-on.  Lilly stepped behind me and pulled it tight on me. While my dick doesn’t get hard, there was a place in the strap-on for my dick. It all fit as though made for me. Paula took up a modified Hot Real Teens doggie position with her hands on the lounger, giving me a perfect view of her wonderful ass.  With Lilly under Paula we filled her from both sides and established a rhythm that soon had Paula bucking under me.  Paula came with a scream and Lilly pulled out and showered me with her cum.  By now it was starting to become light we’d been busy most of the night. We went inside and collapsed into a huge bed. Hot Real Teens  What we did when we woke up is another story.

Date: January 17, 2022
Actors: hazel