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hot and sexy It was about 11:30 at night, it had just rained, so me, four other girls and the older guys (all about 18-19 years old) from my troop decided to meet up with a couple of the older guys from another troop we hang out with a lot.


We went out into a field right at the edge of the camp, it was wet, the grass was long and it was dark.


We played capture the flag a while, and then sat down in hot and sexy the wet grass to catch our breath. The grass was soaking wet still.


A couple of the group started smoking, and we laughed and joked hot and sexy until about 1:45 in the morning. 


We decided to play another game of capture the flag, about half way through hot and sexy I ran into a guy a liked from the other troop. Like, literally ran into him. I kind of tackled him and we both fell into the grass, disappearing.


 I was on top of him, and noticed he was looking at by tits. My tits are fairly big I’m 18 and have a C cup.


 So I thought he just liked the size of my girl. But, I was wearing a tank top that hot and sexy night without a bra, and the wet grass stuck the shirt to my nipples, and they showed through I guess. 

He looked up into my eyes and smirked, “Damn, I like your tits” 

I just lay on top of him and made out with him. We did this for about 5 minutes, hot and sexy saliva dripping in between mouths, tongues tangling in our one to one dance.


I felt a bulge from his pants on my pussy. Still making out with him, I decided to get him even hornier; I slid up on him and stroked my crotch on his bulge.

 He groped and my tits, squeezing so hard making my nipples ache under hot and sexy his touch.


 I groped at his dick. Reaching my hands in his pants and started to rub his dick. It was a handful, it was warm and it pulsed a little it leaked a little bit of pre-cum too.


 I had never felt a penis before, so this was thrilling for me. I could feel my panties hot and sexy getting wet from my arousal, and it started to feel hot, like I wanted him, sex pheromones filled the air. it was my own sex arousing me, and I could tell it was affecting him too.

Date: March 1, 2022