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Happy Birthday I savoured the taste of her delicacy as she scooted off the kitchen counter and bent over with her dress pulled up and her knickers between her fingers as she held herself open in preparation for me to enter. I had my belt undone and pulled my trousers and boxer shorts down to my thighs, I took my erect cock and began to tease her pussy with it, sliding it with her juices all the way to her clit and back, teasing my tip against her opening, only to slide it back Happy Birthday up to her clit again. She moaned,

“Stop playing with me, I awwfaaaaaawk….”.

I was waiting for her to say something and pushed my cock through her tight wet hole plunging my cock half way into her, her body stiffened and her stomach dropped down lower as I did it. I edged myself deeper and she stood tip-toed in front of me, one hand was now on the Happy Birthday counter and the other still holding her knickers half way up her arse cheek, I hooked my thumb under it and anchored it as I held onto her hip, with my other hand I grabbed hold of her breast and squeezed.

“Fuck yes” She squealed, “Faster” she beckoned.

And as I complied with her wishes she kept on repeating for Happy Birthday me not to stop.

Her pitch was getting higher with each demand, I knew what she wanted, a repeat of yesterday when I jackhammered her in the meeting room. I knew time was short so I thought fuck it, I went at it again thrusting my hips into her ass cheeks hard, fast, and deeply, pulling her Happy Birthday hips back with every push until I felt her pussy contract around my shaft and her words transformed into inaudible jibberish and her body turned to jelly.

Her contractions triggered me also but she got so wet and tight it was like she had pushed me out, I grabbed my cock to put it back in but she was quivering and everytime I put it in, she jolted away from me. This was when I realised that Happy Birthday she was still making some odd sounds and had made a puddle all over the floor and on my trousers and my underwear.

Figuring I’ll have to deal with that later, I stood over her cute bare light brown arse cheeks and pressed my cock between them wanking furiously until I bursted my load all over it. Finally I heard her say,

“Oh fuck, that was good.” She said.

Happy Birthday Knowing we had a lot to tidy I reached for some hand towels and handed her some so we wiped ourselves up and tried to get decent, my boxers were saturated and my trousers patchy, she was lucky to be wearing a dress I pulled up my now soiled underwear and trousers and rushed uncomfortably to the Happy Birthday restroom.

Date: October 22, 2021