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full movie Standing by his modest 2nd floor apartment’s window, Daniel was attempting to pull the tight-fitting boxers over his annoyingly plump, and pert, posterior. Finally managing this extraordinarily difficult task, he looked sidelong out of his bedroom’s window. full movie Staring into the distance, with his gaze fixed loosely on the crisp, blue sky that stretched out in front of him, he took in a deep breath and let out a long, content sigh. “It’s been a good morning so far.” he thought, with a faint smile.

full movie He had leisurely climbed out of his double bed at an incredibly late 9AM. Having enjoyed a superb lie-in, a rare treat, he had strolled casually out of his bedroom door, down the corridor, and entered his astonishingly bog-standard bathroom. A striking break from the rather impressive décor of the rest of his apartment, the bathroom looked as if the landlord had either lost all sense and motivation, or had ran out of money. full movie This simple fact was likely the only reason Daniel was able to haggle over the rent, bringing it down to a figure he was able to afford.

full movie Climbing into the bath tub he set about turning on the shower, alternating between the hot and cold taps until the temperature was just right. Usually a daily battle, today he managed to set the temperature perfectly first attempt and set about washing down his almost slim body. He paid particular attention to his armpits, crotch, and backside. Making sure he left not stone unturned, he pulled his foreskin back and thoroughly washed the head and surrounding area. full movie Then, after washing off the soap suds, he started absentmindedly playing with his penis which responded promptly as if it had been starved of attention lately.

full movie Having indulged a little too much in the shower, and not having any further plans for the day, he decided he would indulge a little more when he returned to the bedroom to get dressed. First though, Daniel had more pressing matters. He was craving his morning coffee. For as long as he could remember, he had always started each day with a strong, sweet coffee. He walked into the kitchen, grabbed the coffee pot, and filled his “100 bugs in the code” mug. Adding a generous helping of sugar and cream, yet another rare treat. Smiling to himself, he sipped his coffee as he walked into the living room. full movie As he sat down he gave himself a mental pat on the back for having found this little gem of a property. Far from any main roads, the area was quiet and the other tenants were quiet and kept to themselves.

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