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Friend Sex I was called by the office and informed of having a cleaning job to perform, they gave me the address and time to be there, at the exact time I was ringing the door bell, an older man who was at least in his late sixties or early seventies opened the door for me, from the first moment, he seemed to be a nice man with lots of flirting habits, he was always smiling and giggling.

I greeted him smiling and saying, Friend Sex “you have called the cleaning service requiring a maid Sir?”

He nodded smiling and saying “Yes mam”

I said “I am Anne, your cleaning lady Sir, and I am at your service”

Friend Sex With a wide smile he said, “come in please” he held my hand high leading me in talking to another man saying, “Hey Jim, look, can you believe it, does this queen look like a maid?”

Walking further in, I noticed another older man about the Friend Sex same age standing there, he giggled answering “what? A maid, how could that be John, no fucking way, who could believe that?”

Friend Sex I was dressed in very short pair of denim shorts, a short T-top revealing my tummy and belly button area and a pair of high heeled, short boots, almost enough for me to clean comfortably, although we all know that cleaning houses was never my main intention when I started taking this job in intervals while having free time, I always had other intentions of making easier money by flirting with clients and home owners, Friend Sex that is why I try to dress in  seductive clothing, but not enough to look like a slut.

Friend Sex Both older men, who were old enough to be my grand daddies, held both of my hands walked me into their living room, asked me to have a seat, Jim said “no one could ever convince me that you are a maid sweetie, you look like a queen to me, that both of us old farts could be your servants” Friend Sex

We all laughed so loud, but they sure looked very rich to me, from their hose and other hints I had, I answered softly in a feminine soft, sexy voice “I am not a maid Sir, I am a college student, Friend Sex but I do this job partially to make enough money to help me out till graduation, it is an easy job with flexible working hours, anything wrong with that?”

Date: January 17, 2022