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free oral sex videos  men WITH daughters who are in the year of their Festival, or have already celebrated it, may have sex with any unmarried females who have celebrated their Festival, at his discretion.

Once her virginity had been taken at the Festival, a girl was essentially free oral sex videos continually available for intercourse to any man who had an adult daughter of his own. These men had first of all done their part to advance the cause of improving female sexuality, and so had earned the right as connoisseurs to enjoy the finest quality female bodies available; secondly, since they had daughters of their own, it was felt that they could be trusted to treat such priceless assets with respect and focus most of their energy on making the experience educationally valuable for whatever young woman they might have at hand. ‘Educational value’ was a broadly applicable term; ultimately nearly anything that could be considered sexual obviously offered the possibility of a fresh and free oral sex videos valuable perspective for a young girl, and since time was at a premium (the intent being to create a perfect intersection of fresh, young physical attractiveness with a comprehensive catalog of sexual skills and tastes), the fathers of a community treated the education of their young women with a sense of urgency. Once she had celebrated her Festival, a girl was in a constant state of training and subject to vigorous lessons, at nearly any time, whenever it might occur to a father that he had something of value to teach her.

There were exceptions to a girl’s availability, of course; if she was in a class or at her job, she was free oral sex videos not to be removed from the situation for sex. If she was at home or with her father or another man, her chaperone had right of refusal and consent concerning anyone who might wish to enjoy her. And it was generally considered unreasonable to expect a girl to have sex with more than three men in a span of twenty-four hours. Other than these examples, however, a girl’s sexual education was brisk, adventurous, free oral sex videos frequent until she was married.

free oral sex videos Society rapidly became focused largely on improving the sexual desirability of young women in a systematic way, which meant that a young man had a vested interest in marrying the most attractive woman he could in order to father the highest-quality girls possible, so that he had better chances of them placing well in their Festival, so that he could in turn enjoy sex with the most attractive debutantes.

As an 18-year old young man, I had certainly learned my free oral sex videos share from several older, more experienced women, and as soon as I got married at 20, I went to work with pretty much every 30-year-old woman I could find. I had learned much, and gained a lot of experience that would prove to be valuable, but I was excited for this next phase in the journey. My wife had been the only very young woman I had ever slept with, but now, with Jennifer on the cusp of her Festival, I was preparing for a glorious next few years of enjoying nearly any girl I wanted, when I wanted. I would take my job as sexual mentor for free oral sex videos these new adult females very seriously, and knew that it would be a lot of work, but I was prepared to do my part in helping each of them become their best.

Date: October 12, 2021