esposa novia de mi Amigo casal casado amigo La esposa de mi mejor am


esposa novia de mi Amigo Do please share your comments and if anyone is looking for in Bangalore we can have a chat or a coffee, looking forward to it.Now about the women who seduced me, she’ a new neighbor who stays like 3 houses from place, late marriage maybe too late, but she got the ass of a young women so tight and sexy, her curves will make us hard-on, her titties will make your mouth open for them to feel it. Her cherry lips will make your head spin(exactly the right place you thinking). But somehow to my luck or chance I got her where I esposa novia de mi Amigo  want her.She’s around 37 her husband seem around 40+( not even bothered to know but talks lol) he works as a ticket checker, he stays only 15 days and next 15 days he travels. I never had the intention of doing her in her queen size bed but when I saw her she is the one that I want to fuck and please. She was invited to my house by my family for lunch( we usually do to get to know ppl) since I esposa novia de mi Amigo work for night shift I hardly see or hear things at sleep, but i was over hearing voices in my sleep laughing and giggling never knew that someone was home, it was too disturbing that I had to shout to slow down but it never came down, so I came out myself( I wear only shorts and during sleep I get a hard-on) so due to half sleep I dint check about that I esposa novia de mi Amigo came out to shout at ppl and seeing her in a saree with her cleavage visible my voice came down and was getting harder, she might have seen my hard-on and dint take her eyes off, I told welcome and went back to sleep but I did masturbate thinking about her before sleep and never cunmed so much before. esposa novia de mi Amigo The same evening I was about to leave the house and I saw her leaving the house too, thought it’s nice to walk than ride so I was walking behind her looking she dint notice me but I was noticing her moves I esposa novia de mi Amigo  dint care about who is watching me but I was imagining her naked and walking, uffff what a hottie( was hard-on) to my luck again she went to the shop where I had to go to buy milk. So I thought to myself thank goodness I can see her again walk in front of me. She was wearing a saree and she bent over to take the milk oh fuck what a beautiful cleavage it was round good firm shaped  was standing right opp to her I think she saw my hard-on again, her saree dropped on her hand and she looked at me up, I dint know what to do but turn away and giggled and adjusted herself. So she notice that I was coming behind her it thought to myself and was esposa novia de mi Amigo leaving she left before me while leaving she put her hand

Date: June 24, 2021