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esposa com Amigo Walking into the hall with my dad, I was shocked how crowded it was in there, which was supposed to be a decent auction. A huge hall with semi dimmed lights, they usually hold it any time of day or night according to daddy, depending on the importance of the sold product. The first three rows were reserved for the participants who are supposed to wave their hands for approval or asking to speak, the microphone would be passed to them. The rest of the hall was very crowded and very noisy, the rest of attendees after the reserved three rows, were mostly audiences or watchers who are interested without immediate participation.
esposa com Amigo The action stadium management, usually turn the lights off after the third row as they do not want more hands up than needed, to avoid distractions, Dad was in the second raw, he asked me to stand further back as his hand should be seen. The audience part of the hall was chair less, empty hall where everybody had to stand up backing each other, the more crowed there is, the closer people are to each other, till they started pumping into each other as the number of audiences was much higher than the hall could accommodate.
esposa com Amigo I was barely eighteen by then, not really used to such semi-formal events, I would attend music concerts which seemed to be like this arrangement, except this auction was kind of boring to me at the beginning. I would say I felt kind of odd being the only one this age, especially that I was in my tennis clothes which did not hide much of my body. The top was, a short body tight T-shirt revealing my waist, belly, and naval area, the mini tennis skirt barely reached my ass bottom line. I have always been leggy with thicker thighs and bigger titties and big round ass, even at younger age, I had a curvy body. I could not miss how many eyes were following my body before the lights were turned off at our area.
esposa com Amigo The other odd thing was, most people were adults, esposa com Amigo dressed formally in business suits and ties, there were women too, but older ones with official business looks. Deep inside, I felt safer than being at a dance concert where most audience would be youngsters who would be in sloppy jeans and T shirts. Soon enough after things got dark; esposa com Amigo I discovered how wrong I was, especially when I started feeling some hips and legs pumping to my body here and there, some crotches were humped to my ass which was because of people trying to get closer to see and hear the full auction. some of them were pushing other’s backs harder, I felt a few hard pushes occasionally.
The big surprise came when I felt some hands touching my body from behind, I could swear I felt a hand touched my ass over my skirt.

I looked behind to see a few smiling faces who pretended not to pay attention, esposa com Amigo a couple of sorry words I heard, saying they did not mean

Date: June 26, 2021