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Cute Japanese Hey There, I am Hannah! This is the 1st time im writing a story here.

I would kike to share my experience when I got fucked 12 times in one night. This happened Cute Japanese 2 years back when I was only married for 6 months and my husband was out of town for some work for more than 2 weeks and I that time I saw on my facebook wall that one of my ex was in town and he texted me a day that we wanted to meet me see who my life is now and whats happening. We both were seperated with mutual understanding and thing were great between us we were good Cute Japanese friends now and He ( Chris) was of very flirty nature so he always used to flirt with me.

We had gone with 2nd base but never got the chance of fully doing it so he always used to joke me about he wanted to finish the job.

Cute Japanese So one evening I invited him over for dinner. I never had any sexual intention and I wasnt expecting anything from his side as well.

At 7:30 pm the door bell rang and he was there with a bottle of red wine and wearing black. He was looking very sexy and he knows that how much I want to ripe his clothes apart when he wears balck it really suits him. He was 6 ft and 5 inch tall, and way muscular now than he had been when I was dating him ( It was more like a summer fling than actually dating). Cute Japanese He handed me the wine bottle and gave me a soft kiss on my cheeks and I welcomed him inside by now I expected that intentions were got clean. So we sat and talked about whats happening and how’s life treating us and blah blah but i noticed that we has contiously starting at my breats. I have a perky 36D and my lean waist thanks to my yoga instructor I really her ( in a non sexual way) 😉 and an ass to grab for. He asked some questions to gain his attention towards my face and by this time even i was enjoying it a bit him looking at me in this way.

Cute Japanese By 8:15, I went to the kitchen did the last preps for dinner and invited him to the dinner table. We both sat down starting to eat and by then I felt something on my legs he was trying to caress me with his feet but from my experation he stopped and apologiesed and he broke the ice with a joke and we both laughed.

After the dinner we both were in Kitchen he poured himself and me some wine and i was just Cute Japanese cleaning some dishes and he started talking about the Cute Japanese time when we were about to do it but got intterupted by friends and that was the last summer he saw me. And man that time was wild and thinking of it that time made me a little wet and i knew what was going to happen and his intention of finishing his job.


Date: February 26, 2022