con la mama de mi Amigo Se filma con su amigo my friend left the house


con la mama de mi Amigo Wooowww, sir. It feels so good. Ammaaaa, aaaahhhhh” she was moaning as he was sucking her pussy lips and stimulating her clit at the same time. He kept on sucking her and she arched her back in excitement to push her pussy to his mouth. He was inserting his tongue into her pussy while chewing her pussy lips between his lips. He was in full form as he slowly introduced one finger into her pussy while stimulating her clit.

con la mama de mi Amigo “Ohhhhhh, sir, aaaahhhhhh, it feels so good. Please don’t stop. Keep doing that.” She was in peaks of pleasure and was evident from her facial expressions. She herself was pressing her boobs while his tongue was doing wonders in her hairy pussy. She was also biting her lower lip and moving her head from side to side in pleasure. He kept on sucking her and then slowly lifted his hands and started to play with her nipples.

con la mama de mi Amigo She then suddenly shivered and was breathing heavily. I think she got an orgasm. Then she was lying and looking into his eyes as he was eating her pussy. He then came on top and kissed her on her lips. She might have got the taste of her pussy in her mouth. She then made him lie down and took a condom from under her pillow. Then she again sucked his cock for a few minutes and made it throbbing and wore it on him. I was even surprised to see her more planned and precautious than my mom.

con la mama de mi Amigo It was red in color and I was seeing his cock with a condom for the first time in my life as he never wore it when he was fucking my mom. She then spread her legs and invited him to enter his cock into her pussy. He then without wasting any time brought his erect tool near her wet hairy pussy and pushed it in. She herself guided his cock into her hole and she shivered and moaned as he pushed his little man into her.

con la mama de mi Amigo Then he pushed it slowly into her sloppy cunt and as she was making soft erotic moans. His entire cock slipped into her within 2 thrusts and she was looking into his eyes while he slowly started to increase the pace. He was now slowly ramming into her as she was hugging him tight on his back. His cock was moving in and out of her pussy while he was kissing her on her lips. She was enjoying this fucking session with him and was seen from her facial expressions.

con la mama de mi Amigo I was also feeling hot by now and slowly inserted my hands into my panty to stimulate my clit. I could feel that my pussy also was now wet and I felt really horny. But I knew my entertainment was just getting started as another complete session with mom is yet to begin.

So I stood there with my hand inside my panty and slowly felt the pressure building inside me. con la mama de mi Amigo Within a few minutes, I got an

Date: June 26, 2021