con la mama de mi Amigo Asi Trabaja Tu Negra Amigo Y TU Trabajando.


con la mama de mi Amigo  He then made her sit on his lap and started to feel her body over her towel. She was now sitting on his lap and kissing him on his lips. He was pressing her boobs and slowly undid her towel from the chest and made it fall. She was now stark naked and sitting on his lap. Her erect nipples and large 38 size boobs were waiting for him to be taken care of. She then slowly made him stand and started to remove his jeans. She removed his jeans and he was sitting wearing an underwear and a t-shirt. He then made her lie on the bed and started to feel her body.

con la mama de mi Amigo  Sheela was a widow in her early 30s with a dusky complexion and she also had good sized boobs and ass. Unlike mom, she was bulkier and had a little amount of fat in her belly region also. He was now kissing her lying on top of her. She broke the kiss in between to remove his t-shirt and she started to lick his body. She was licking him on his hairy chest while he was fondling her boobs. He was pinching her nipples for which she left out a sigh.

con la mama de mi Amigo  She was biting his nipples while he was kneading her boobs with his both hands. She then came on top of him and started to feed him with her breasts. She was giving her erect nipples into his mouth so that he can suck it and she was enjoying his actions. He was sucking and biting her nipples in between. Her nipples were dark and had a large areola around it. She then came down and slowly removed his underwear. His 7-inch cock sprang out of his underwear. She was surprised and happy at the size of his cock so that she can enjoy that tool in her.

con la mama de mi Amigo  His crotch region was neatly shaved and there was no hair anywhere near his cock. She then slowly took it in her hands and started to stroke it looking into his eyes. con la mama de mi Amigo  He then asked her “Do you like it? This is the one for which your madam is craving and she is willing to do anything to get herself stuffed with this meat.” She smiled hearing this and said “I know that and that is why I too wanted to try it. She always praises the pleasure she got with you. Now I can see why she is craving for you so much. Who can resist herself missing a chance to get such a tool into her?”

con la mama de mi Amigo  He then told her “Don’t waste time as we have less time today as she will call in an hour or so.” She then continued to stroke his erect cock while he slowly guided her head towards his pole. She then without any hesitation started to take his cock into her mouth and started to suck it. She was sucking the entire head and licking the balls in between. con la mama de mi Amigo  He was lying on her bed with eyes closed while she was sucking  

Date: June 26, 2021