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College Hottie Fucked  It was about to sunrise, so Kalpana said, we will continue later. Karthik was very disappointed, while Karthika was relieved. While Kalpana was about to open the door, Karthik hugged Kalpana tightly and kissed her while pressing her breasts. Kalpana enjoyed it but was disapproving, though she was completely College Hottie Fucked  dressed. Then everyone went to sleep, but Karthik was thinking about this day as though it was his first night memorable.

Karthik was waiting for Kalpana in the night, but she didn’t show up. Few days passed but Karthik’s mind was exploding with thoughts of College Hottie Fucked  Kalpana. Again Karthik tried to make a move against Karthika, but she said she will not do anything until Kalpana shows up. He tried to speak with Kalpana about this, but she avoided it.

Kalpana thought lockdown would be lifted and she would escape here since she didn’t like Karthik’s approach of having sex with her instead of Karthika. So Karthik decided he would make a move tonight. Around midnight, he went outside his room and noticed whether everyone was awake or asleep. Then he went near Kalpana’s bed. He went behind Kalpana College Hottie Fucked  and hugged her from the back. This woke her up. She pushed him away and started to shout mildly so that everyone won’t wake up.

College Hottie Fucked  She said go to your room and enjoy yourself with Karthika. Karthik said she is not agreeing and I want you. By listening to this she slapped him and said “are you listening to what you are talking”. Karthik then blackmailed her like I will tell everyone what happened between the three of us if you didn’t come inside now. She was thinking for a while and then decided to follow him to his room.

Once she came to the room, Karthik started to kiss her. Kalpana was angry but she kept quiet and silently pinched Karthika in her legs. Karthika woke up and Kalpana said we will continue with the remaining lessons. College Hottie Fucked  Karthika refuted her and said she is tired today & wanting to sleep.

Kalpana became furious and asked Karthik to insert a banana inside. So Karthik obliged & took the smallest piece. Karthik was trying to College Hottie Fucked  undress her, immediately Karthika stopped him and asked Kalpana to do it. Now, Karthik said you also do the same to me i.e. undress me too. Kalpana was rejected initially but then agreed. While removing the underwear, Karthik made sure his dick was felt by Kalpana’s hand.

Now, Karthik started to insert the banana inside of her. Karthika was still saying pain. College Hottie Fucked  Kalpana said then you both try tomorrow and I leave now. Karthik said nothing doing today and it has to be done today. He insisted Kalpana try inserting it and I will try kissing her.

Date: March 2, 2022