classic Mom and son Stepson was giving mom a massage. Mom took his


classic Mom and son Nothing was said at first but i think we both knew what was going on so did it all the more! I decided to leave a couple of the DVD’s out next to my PC of Blackcock gangbangs, He always gets in around 10 mins before i do so would have to be blind not to see them, When walking to work the next day my clit was throbbing at the thought of him seeing them & to see if he would say anything! As soon as i got to my desk i could see they had been moved & he was sat there with a smile on his face, Morning Dan…Hi Sue….They always say its the quite one’s ya have to watch! Then jested towards the bag, Hmm..Ohh …classic Mom and son Blimey yeah i forgot they were there! Are they yours then? Err well no i’ve just borrowed them off someone!

classic Mom and son So you’re into a bit of black then are you Sue? Ha ha well no..i’ve never been with a black man before but i do like to watch the odd porno with them in yes,
Didn’t think you would have been the type? Well i’m not most of the time but i thought i’d give some a go! Yeah i see & lots of anal by the look of it,
I knew my face was going red but tried to brush it off, Ohh well…yes i am quite in to looking at a bit of that yeah, I then surprised myself by just blurting out…
I’m really in to anal sex myself, “Really” Cool, I love a woman who’s really in to that too, Ohh so you’ve done some like that then have you? Ha ha err yeah ya could say that! Hmm i see, I’ve not really done that much kinky stuff but i’ve always been in to anal from my teens, Hmm good girl, As he said that my clit started to really throb, So what is it you like about them then? Blackcocks? Yeah,

classic Mom and son Well..the size of them mostley,classic Mom and son  I always thought it was a bit of a myth but after i saw a vid the other month i saw it was true! Ahh so you’ve never had one then? Ohh god no, Just some white ones, How many? Only three,
Two when i was in me teens then my husbands, And the biggest size?
Ohh i think that would be my husbands, Yeah how long? Err.. think its 5 inches,

So thats small then is it Dan…i take it your more than that then? classic Mom and son
Have you got bluetooth Sue? On my phone yeah..why? Hang on a sec,

Date: May 25, 2021