BRUDER FICKT Oh, Shiloh?” June responded, “She practically lives black cock, she’s a professional.” I began to think I might be in over my head already, but I’d never backed down from a challenge and I wasn’t about to start now.

That friday morning, June and I took the train to Atlanta. On the ride, I told her my plan. I had been working my way up with an oversized dildo for the last week and I was certain I could handle whatever BRUDER FICKT the boys could swing at me. I had also packed my long red jersey top and my black short-shorts that made my ass look incredible. June sighed heavily,

“That’s not a Fuck’em Dress, Chrissy…”

“I know, but I’m not a Fuck’em Girl, I’m a Champion.” I said with a grin. The rest of the ride consisted of June regaling me with tales of the big black bulls she’s bedded in the past, and occasionally rambling about her friend Shiloh as if she were a movie star. I’m not above BRUDER FICKT admitting that by the end of the ride, I’m was squirming with excitement. We went to the hotel, and June helped me do my make-up. Also not my strong point. She went a little heavy on the mascara, but she said it was important for “Psychological Warfare” so I didn’t complain. She said the same thing about the bright red lipstick.

I threw on the long red jersey, my crotch-less black fishnets and the short-shorts.

“Look, don’t get too worn out on the first few guys, the faster you make them cum, the faster you can move on.” June said as I pulled my auburn hair into a loose ponytail. “I got this J, I’m the champ, BRUDER FICKT remember?” I said, drawing two thick lines of eye-black under my eyes. “This is my game face.” I said pulling on a ball cap backwards and steeling myself. It was 8:45, game time.

June and I took the bus to the guy’s house, apparently he was some local rap producer with an in-house studio. We walked up to the porch and there were two tall black men in tailored suits standing in front of the door. “Which one of you signed up?” The first one said, looking us BRUDER FICKT over with a visible hunger.

“She did, I’m just here to see Shiloh.” June said, pointing at me.

“She’s upstairs with Darnell.” he responded, opening the door and letting June through. I tried to follow but the other man put out his arm.

“Not you, Red…” He said, unzipping his fly, “You start here.”BRUDER FICKT  I looked around, the sun was down but the neighborhood was well lit. Cars were passing the house and a couple was walking their dog. “I’ve never done anything like this in public.” I said, trying not to show how nervous I was. “First time for everything, Red.” BRUDER FICKT The first guy said, unzipping with a smile. I thought about June’s advice, I had to make this fast. I dropped to my knees, BRUDER FICKT licked my lips and locked eyes on the two biggest cocks I’d ever seen.

Date: March 1, 2022