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After she was done I grabbed her and put her on the couch i grab her wrists and hold them above her head I start kissing and giving her soft bites on her neck. She is breathing heavy and her moans are so sexy.

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I press-her G spot harder and she let loose a huge squirt that ran down my chin soaking the floor.

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I pushed my big cock all the way in her tight pussy and methodically started pumping my bare cock into her slut pussy.

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brazzers Mom and son I said “do you like being a slut?” she said I’m your slut …I felt the pressure building up deep in my stomach and asked her where she wanted me to cum between her moans and screaming as relentlessly pounded her from behind.

I never gave her chance to answer I exploded deep inside her…  she collapsed as I pulled my cock out her gaping pussy, dripping cum.

        I fucked her 3 more times til the next morning.. she gave me her phone number and she visited me a couple times that summer come to find out her husband was

Date: May 23, 2021