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Blonde Teen Chris opened up the lid of the chest and looked at John.

“Are you doing okay in there?” she asked him.

“You planned this!”, he said accusingly, but with a genuine sense Blonde Teen of amusement in his voice, “you are an absolute fucking filthy genius!”

She grinned at him wolfishly and bent to kiss him deeply.

“When Angel gets back, I’ll take her for a walk outside so we can smoke a joint, you can get out and have a toilet break. Grab that bottle of Blonde Teen water, get back in the chest, and I promise she’ll be gone in two hours”, she smiled at him, “four hours at the most. And leave the tail where it is, because it is as cute as hell!”

She closed the lid, poured more wine, and proceeded to roll up a joint while she waited for Angel to return.

When Angel came back from the toilet, they both went outside and walked down the driveway, smoked a Blonde Teen joint and appreciated the clear blue sky. After a few days of snow, it was nice to have a clear day. They chatted and eventually returned to warm themselves again in front of the fire.

Blonde Teen The conversation eventually returned to boyfriends and they both talked honestly about what they really wanted in life.

“Honestly”, Chris confessed to Angel, “my life is full. I have a job and a part time business, I love to travel and I don’t want kids. All I really want is a man I can store in a box and take him out when I’m horny, so he can lick me and give me a good hard pounding. I don’t want to meet his friends or family. Maybe go out to dinner and a show from time to time. But that’s it”.

“Amen sister, with a really nice arse I can slap!” Angel agreed loudly and drunkenly, Blonde Teen “and when you find him, you’ll need to share him with me, because I’ll need a piece of that as well!”

Eventually, after the full four hours, Angel had to go. She’d drunk two of the three bottles of wine and was feeling a bit sleepy. Even though it Blonde Teen was only four in the afternoon, the sun set early this time of year.

Chris went through to the bedroom and closed her curtains, looking at Angel stagger down her driveway, Blonde Teen she returned to the workshop living room and opened up the chest to a sleeping John.

Date: October 22, 2021