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Beautiful Teen have Precum dangled on the tip of my cock; it pulsed in my hand. Aunt Rose crossed her arms and looked up and away in a classic fashion of “I’m not interested.” I regretted my teasing immediately. I watched her and examined her. Her breasts were squished underneath her arms, but they were falling and rising as she breathed. I couldn’t help it… I pushed the head of my cock against her pursed lips. The precum covered her lips like a lip balm as I stroked my tip across them. She opened her eyes and looked up at me. Her eyes smiled, but her lips remained closed. She was making groans in anticipation. Beautiful Teen have Finally, and to the great relief of my cock, I was able to coax her into opening her mouth. My guess is that the precum had given her a taste of what I had. Slowly she opened her mouth, and the mushroom head of my cock spread her lips wide. My cock filled her mouth, and at once, my cock felt at home.

Beautiful Teen have Soon she had one hand fondling my heavy balls while the other hand rested on my thigh, supporting her as she took long gulps of my cock. She struggled to take the last ½ inch in, but from time to time, she would grab my ass and push herself until my cock disappeared entirely into her mouth. It felt like my heart was pounding in her mouth. Beautiful Teen have Small amounts of saliva dripped off the side of her mouth as she tried to sweet talk my cock into cumming.

“I can’t believe how hard it is,” she gasped as she took a small break and examined my cock with the help of the firelight.

“You could probably hang your coat on it,” I laughed.

“No kidding,” she said as she pulled a small black hair from her mouth.

Beautiful Teen have I noticed she was about to stand up and offered her my hand, which she took with a degree of elegance I knew she had always possessed. We kissed once again, and now I found my hand rubbing her pussy. Her light pink shorts had unmistakably grown darker between her legs, and I couldn’t help but start pulling down on her shorts. Beautiful Teen have She knew what I wanted and proceeded to pull her shorts down on her own. My cock was next to her face as she slipped the shorts out from underneath her. Before rising to meet my gaze again, she kissed the tip of it. It pulsed in delight, having received such affection.

Beautiful Teen have We embraced again, with my cock stabbing at her stomach. After breaking the embrace, I got on all fours and pushed my face upwards into her pussy, trying to breathe her in. Like a crazed dog, I moved her panties to the side and licked her wet pussy. She cooed in ecstasy. I had only licked her for a few seconds before my cock started surging in Beautiful Teen have anticipation. I wanted to be inside her.

Date: February 18, 2022