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banging Because I was interested in horticulture and fisheries I set up garden on the terrace and big tanks in 2nd floor for fishery. But I needed assistance to maintain these hence I needed a woman. I thought of hiring the pros woman for helping me with my garden if she called me but she didn’t. So I hired a woman in the area who was also doing cleaning work for the PG.

When I was in Assam I there was this home-banging borne woman, who was the widowed-sister of my driver. She cooked really well so I brought her here to cook for me. I didn’t think she will come but they gladly sent her here.

I also needed a maid for my house so hired one banging from down-TN. She is a widow too with a school dropout daughter.

Everything went normal at the beginning.

I’ll give a quick description of the ground-floor where banging I live for better visualisation. There were 2 small rooms and 1 medium room in the ground floor. The medium room was mine while the cook and maid lived in the other 2 rooms.

My room and 1 of the 2 small rooms were adjacent while the other room for the maid (with attached bathroom) was opposite to mine and a separate bathroom next to it for the cook. There is a banging small staircase inside my room that will take me to a big room in the 1st floor which is locked from inside. This is the only room in 1st floor not for PG girls’ access.

Because of language barriers these women however cordial, banging  couldn’t talk to each other. This was only incidental but later happened to be an advantage.

I got the cook and maids all women because they can do household works without complaining and also can earn extra helping the PG girls. The maid suggested commercialising fishery and hence I allowed them. Both maid and her daughter already had some idea about fish breeding. I helped them commercialise by advertising it in the banging internet through which they were earning some money. The cook also cooked for the PG girls and it was all settled. I too was doing my own things. Got addicted to games, and at night I moved out roaming and driving aimlessly reaching back home only at dawn and slept during the day.

Let me tell you one of my fetishes. I like shemale porn, but only if they look very feminine. Not the ones looking like a cross-dresser we see on the roads, begging. I happened to come across one such trans banging through a website and she herself asked for a casual meet although she wasn’t a hooker. The meeting was in a mall, a place I detest, I don’t like places that are crowded. We met, spoke for a while and I must tell you she looked nothing like she was born a male. Even her voice was feminine, may be because she had the surgery done? I don’t know. She was dressed in a simple kurthi and looked like any other girl in the mall without any weird makeups and cheap modern dresses you’d expect from a typical shemale.


Date: October 20, 2021