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asslicking Kathleen’s legs were still spread wide, her lovely, glistening cunny all open, wet and gaping. I reached for it and she whispered it was all so beautiful and satisfying, but she needed more, was I going to love her with my squirting she-cock? I sweetly kissed her long and deep and whispered back the time had come, it was only moments away. I got up and strapped on the she-cock, lubed it, and slipped in between her legs.

I slowly moved the she-cock into her, the mushroom asslicking easily sliding in, her moans and sighs as the mushroom passed through her pubic bone telling me my penetration was perfect. As we kissed and frenched, our breasts entwined, she joyously whispered how much she loved my she-cock. She said it felt so good, she loved how long and thick it was and the way the mushroom massaged her walls.

Within minutes, her breathing became more labored as she whispered asslicking details of every sensation, wanting to take me on her journey. Our breasts were entwined, our kisses long and deep, frenching and sucking each other’s lips, her passion almost out of control, her fingernails on my buns pulling me into her, taking another two inches with a sigh of ecstasy, now completely filled.

My strokes were at least nine inches, slowly moving in and out as she started asslicking her climb, announcing her anticipation. She went over the hill and into euphoria, biting and sucking on me, twisting and jerking beneath me, locked together, my she-cock now relentlessly giving her at least a full ten inches, emptying itself into her as I squeezed the bulb, pleasuring her like never before, her groans filling the room, louder than ever, over a dozen times.

She whispered it was so wonderful, her orgasm so long and powerful, she had asslicking never had anything like it, creating a new level of craving she hoped I would satisfy over and over. As her quivering slowed and we continued to kiss, I rolled her over and we traded positions, our mouths and tongues still connected, our breasts still merged and tingling, holding each other tightly, as she rocked and rolled on my she-cock.

asslicking Kathleen was now on top, as I whispered I was all hers, for her to have her way, to take as long as she needed, I wanted her to cum again. She vigorously slid up and down, rotating round and round, taking asslicking the she-cock for all it was worth, feverishly, whispering she couldn’t believe it, another one was there, she thought it was only moments away. I held her by the buns, pulling her into me so we were one, her drippings flowing down our legs, our kisses wet and wild as she began asslicking to rotate faster, then jerking into ecstasy, cumming and cumming, out of breath, calling to God and me, again, over and over, saying it was the most wonderful of all.

Date: October 20, 2021