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asses She said she just loved my genuine strawberry blond hair and green eyes and thought I was beautiful. She said Jennifer had told her about my accomplishments and how proud she was of me. She complimented me and said she was impressed with what she had heard. I thanked her. She asked if I was dating and I asses explained my single status and how I was focusing on my career. She said she had recently purchased a new home in the northern part of the city, not too far from the museum

She said perhaps sometime soon we could have lunch or dinner, or just go for wine or coffee, or visit her in her new home. I replied that was a lovely idea and I would like that, it would be nice to get to asses know each other better. I went and got another bottle of wine. We drank and chatted until midnight, discussing the many things we had in common, warming to one another, both getting higher than a kite, and a little giddy.

I told her I loved her lavender dress, she looked so gorgeous in it, it asses fit so beautifully and was cut so perfectly for her. She said it was new, and she got it for the open studio. She had crossed her legs several times showing lots of thigh, my eyes glancing down each time she moved. I parted my legs a little, letting her know I was sexy, too. She kept staring at me, telling me my legs were lovely. She said she was getting sleepy and should go to bed. I agreed. I got up and went to her side asses of the parlor to turn off the lights.

As I did, she put her hand on my waist and looked into my eyes, our looks telling each other we both knew what the other was thinking. Our eyes locked as I switched the lamp light off and she pulled me to her, asses whispering I was the loveliest woman she had ever met, and began kissing me all over….cheeks, forehead, and neck, then, finally on my lips. I was flushing and warm all over, and returned her kisses, long, wet and sweet. We slid down on the couch, the room only barely lit from the asses light coming from the hallway and living room as the soft sounds of our kisses and sighs occasionally interrupting the stillness of the parlor.

She dropped the straps of her dress and gave me her breasts, full, peachy and beautiful, nipples erect. I licked and sucked them gently and sweetly, not able to get enough, teething her wonderful long, erect nipples. asses As I licked and sucked one, I gently fondled the other, circling the nipple with my finger tips, trying desperately to satisfy my urgent cravings for her. I dropped the top of my dress and moved my breasts to her open, waiting lips. She eagerly took them and loved them, causing me to shiver with excitement. We kissed, necked and loved this way for at least a half hour, our hands now under each other’s dresses, asses her smooth thighs leading me to her sweet cunny, uncovered, smooth, open and wet.

Date: October 20, 2021