Amigo Manoseada por mi amigo recibe leche en las nalgas, no despierta


Amigo He then told her “Don’t waste time as we have less time today as she will call in an hour or so.” She then continued to stroke his erect cock while he slowly guided her head towards his pole. She then without any hesitation started to take his cock into her mouth and started to suck it. She was sucking the entire head and licking the balls in between. He was lying on her bed with eyes closed while she was sucking him. His cock was shining due to her saliva and she kept on sucking him for nearly 10 minutes.

Amigo He then made her lie on the bed and came on top of her and started to lip kiss her. His hands were grazing all over her body and it came to her hairy pussy region. He rested his hands over there and started to stimulate her clit with his fingers while sucking her lips. He then slowly inserted his middle finger into her pussy while she let out a mild moan. He then came down near her pussy and separated her hair and started to taste her pussy.

Amigo She was having hair in her pussy as well as her underarms which made her look wild. He told her “Why don’t you shave the hair over here? I feel this uncomfortable when I want to taste you.” She replied “Sorry sir, I never expected you would be here today so I didn’t get enough time to prepare myself. But I will make sure that there won’t be any trace of hair next time when you come to suck there.” He smiled hearing this and continued to suck her there.

“Amigo W sir. It feels so good. Am a” she was moaning as he was sucking her pussy lips and stimulating her clit at the same time. He kept on sucking her and she arched her back in excitement to push her pussy to his mouth. He was inserting his tongue into her pussy while chewing her pussy lips between his lips. He was in full form as he slowly introduced one finger into her pussy while stimulating her clit.

“Amigo Oh sir,  it feels so good. Please don’t stop. Keep doing that.” She was in peaks of pleasure and was evident from her facial expressions. She herself was pressing her boobs while his tongue was doing wonders in her hairy pussy. She was also biting her lower lip and moving her head from side to side in pleasure. He kept on sucking her and then slowly lifted his hands and started to play with her nipples.

Amigo She then suddenly shivered and was breathing heavily. I think she got an orgasm. Then she was lying and looking into his eyes as he was eating her pussy. He then came on top and kissed her on her lips. She might have got the taste of her pussy in her mouth. She then made him lie down and took a condom from under her pillow. Then she again sucked his cock for a few minutes and made it throbbing and wore it on him. Amigo I was even surprised to see her more planned and precautio

Date: June 23, 2021